Battle in the Mess Hall

We entered a vast chamber, which seemed to be a mess hall. There were tables with fresh food on them, and a horde of snake-people ready to attack us. During the fight, we realized that they had a Shifter prisoner, who helped us when we untied him. We made short work of the snake-people, and I was able to conduct a short job interview with the Shifter, named Allister. Clare attempted to rough him up a bit, and I let her have a bit of fun before I put my foot down. Allister was hired as a temporary Black Dragon Company member.

It was then that Ardeth Vay made his second visit to us. Under Bahamut’s orders, he was to test us with some simple riddles. Naturally we all passed the test, and Ardeth offered us a few astral diamonds in hopes that we would abscond with them, and leave the city in peace. He would have no such luck. We then stopped to take a short rest before continuing on down the next set of stairs.

—Wilward Jones

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