The gates of Ha-Mun-Ra

As the sun began its downward arc along the sky, we diverged from the path, and began our trek through the desert. Our first remarkable sight was Benny’s Caravan, broken down beside a rock. Inside, we found Benny, on the verge of death. He told us not to meddle with the power of the creatures in Ha-Mun-Rah, before Clare silenced him with a fist. Luckily for us, he still had all his money and possessions, so it was happy looting.

We arrived at the place on the map, and saw nothing. Clare looked at me skeptically, and we waited for the sun to set. When it did, we saw the silhouette of a city on the horizon. We rode towards it, but were attacked by a group of gargoyles and some desert fauna. Not a problem for us, but what would come next certainly was.

As the moon rose, the city seemed to flicker for an instant, and then the sky was taken over by a milky, starry sheet. The legends were true. Ha-Mun-Rah exists primarily in the astral sea. We decided to set up camp, and ended up going to sleep on the sandstone steps leading into the city.

We were awoken rudely by a Guardian angel and his entourage. The angel introduced himself as Ardeth Vay, and told us that we were treading sacred ground, and if we went much further, we would uncover ancient evils that would consume the world. He told us that if we were to go any further, he would be forced to kill us. He told us that we had one day to leave, and then he disappeared.

Being as headstrong as we were, we decided to ignore his advice. As soon as dawn broke, we descended into the city.

The first challenge we faced was a hall of traps. Clare rushed boldly into the dark room, and immediately fell down a pit concealed by a false floorplate. Windfry and I positioned a few mirrors in the room to give it illumination.
We traversed the pit and tossed a rope down to Clare, who climbed up, begrudgingly. Our next challenged was a line of swinging pendulums with blades on them. Windfry and I were able to dodge between the blades and get to the other side, but Clare took a few hits. The final challenge was a poison dart trap. It was of flawed enough design that Clare and I could drop prone and crawl under it without being harmed too much, but Windfry seemed to be hard set on disarming the trap.

She eventually gave up, and attempted to traverse the crossfire in much the same way we had. She was struck a couple of times, but I managed to patch her up on the other side.

Nearby, we found a room that someone had evidently used to store a great deal of wealth. We split the treasure three ways, and continued down a set of rounded marble steps.

—Wilward Jones

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