Not Good at Making Friends

Dear Diary Journal

So I'm a bit out of the job since the Architect gave me the pat on the back and turned the other cheek. Yeah, yeah, so's I need to make some money. Lucky old Flint, though. I've got a gig coming down the pipe. Bloke named Maximus Finch needs a posh little handyman, and I wot I fit the bill. The gig's simple: I track down some fella named Peregrine Toque, and tug him into a snare that the guv's set.

So I head for this pub, called the Grain Blades. It's built into the base of a windmill. She's pouring rain outside, and I walk in soaked, sit down next to the fella with the green necklace like the letter tells me. Guy starts drawing cards, and gives me a buncha cryptic sod about betrayal and death and regret. Then he tosses me a dagger and a map with a big red X at the trap site, points out a halfling talking to an androgynous looking halfling, and up and leaves.

I'm a pretty talker, so I hunker down next to the chaps, and introduce myself. Flash my winning smile, that sort of bosh. Peregrine seems like an okay sort. The other one kept heavily breathing and making snide remarks. Same can be said of the chaps at the other table. One of em made a pass at my hat, and I pressed my rapier to his neck. Bloke quieted right down, and sidled out of there as he should.

We gabbed a spot more, and Peregrine said something to the effect of him making a mistake and needing to catch up with his mates. Something about getting an airship. I tells him I know a shortcut to the shipyard, and I'm headed there myself. He bloody well asks me to be his guide.

Like stabbin' fish in a box.
or summat.

Then we was interrupted by a the door slammin open. The bloke who I pointed my sword at had come back with mates of his own. They were Asmodeus Angels, part of a horseback gang. Shoulda known.

A fight broke out, and I'd say I enjoyed myself fighting alongside Peregrine. Got some spunk, for a four foot tall moth-eaten ranger. We got caught up in all of it, though, and that androgynous halfing we was with escaped the fight. Coupla minutes later, the building collapsed, and we barely made it out.

We tried to chase 'em, but the bugger had some kinda magic escape device. Shaped like a swan.
Moving on.

I snagged a horse, the Peregrine fella rode on his giant Wolf, and we headed for an abandoned fort. Got to talking on the way. It's a shame, I kinda like the fella.

We arrived and found a few Lavandan coppers stopped for the night. Hailed them and asked to share their camp, pitched a tent, and got settled in. I showed my dagger to the Lavandan blokes. Seems like the only one not in on the party was the captain, who was quietly and stylishly stabbed in the back by one of the others.

The plan was a go, they said. I was to leave the tent at midnight, they said.

So I caught a few hours of Z's with the halfling fella and his wolf, and then stepped outside for a leak. The tent was surrounded by the guards. I drew my sword figurin we were gonna off the poor sod, but then the leader pointed skyward.

There was an airship. I ain't gonna explain what happened next in any great detail, but it involved some fancy looking rods being jammed into the ground, and before I knew it, the halfling had been lifted off the ground, tent, wolf, and all, in a giant net.

"Sorry mate. Ain't nothing personal. Just business." Says I, and he looks at me with these big puppydog eyes.

"I'm not mad" he says. "I'm just disappointed." Then he disappears into the airship.

I stand still for a tick, and then I get it in my stupid noggin that I wanna save this bugger. I draw out my bow, and my favourite grappling arrow, and take aim to climb up on the ship.

And then Maximus Finch appears out of nowhere, puts a hand on my shoulder, and says that will be all. Behind him is a little halfling bugger with an inch of plate and about 10 swords on him. I lower my bow, take my pay, and take my leave.

Ain't nothing personal, Peregrine. Not that you'll live to find out. Sorry mate, I'll remember to pour one out for ya.

On the bright side, dear diary, seems like I'm gonna have enough to buy that loft after all. Ysabelle and I can finally have a roof over our heads.

—Flint Ramkin

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