Lynn's Revelation

Lynn dashed forwards, and opened with a foot planted firmly in my chest. I staggered backwards, and immediately cast Mirror Image, a spell that would create illusory copies of myself. That would buy me some time. Nearby, Todd was jumping from roof to roof, trying to catch up.

Lynn was going berserk; her eyes were glowing, and shrewd insinuations of murder were all that left her mouth. I dipped and dodged around her, trying spell after spell, but nothing seemed to work. Todd arrived, and began a non-lethal assault on her, while I, almost out of doppelgangers, continued to take a sustained beating.

Finally, Lynn was subdued. We bound her up, just as Armstrong emerged from the stairwell to the rooftop. It was then that we noticed the roofs were lined with archers. Armstrong came clean; apparently Lynn had fled to him and asked him to hide her from me. I still had no idea why. He sent her to his home with a note, where his wife was waiting. Somehow, Lynn must have learned my heritage there.

In any case, I cast an invisibility spell on us, and we headed back to the palace. It had been a long day. A very, very long day. I had gained an ally, but how many had I lost? I'd promised things that I could never accomplish. I'd learned that Lynn, the most innocent one in this whole damned war, feared and loathed me - with good reason.

I entertained the thought of giving it all up at this moment, but Garrus talked me down. He has a habit of doing that, it seems. When I was about to call it quits, he forced me to read Alex's letter.

I don't want to write about it. Not yet, dear diary, but let's just say Alex had very few regrets. I picked myself out of the metaphorical pits, and went to sleep. I would need my strength in the days to come.

—Matau Ing'um

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