A quiet day here in Noryn, as usual. The sun keeps us held within our homes, sitting in darkness and breathing the dusty, cool air. Clare and I are sitting here in the back room, doing some paperwork and sharpening our weapons. Windfry seems to be running the bar single-handedly, skipping merrily from table to table, offering drinks and being overtly and naively friendly to all our customers.

The truth is that this Pub doesn’t need customers to stay in business. Our cash flow from the elected council is enough to keep us running, but Windfry seems to enjoy her work, and it keeps Clare and I busy on the slow days. Occasionally, a merchant looking to make a copper or two come in and offer artifacts in exchange for money. I’ve built up a reputation as an antique collector in hopes that someone might one day bring me something of value. Today was the day.
A scrawny Githzerai by the name of Benny came in the Pub, claiming that he would have something of value for me.

We brought him into the back room, and Clare stood by the door. Using some creative and intuitive methods, we haggled the price of the artifact down to a mere 15 gold pieces. he claimed that the artifact was a key to the lost city of Ha-Mun-Rah, but I was skeptical. The city was said to be located in the Astral Sea, only occasionally appearing in the natural world. It was a city of wealth and nobility, but it died with its monarchs. All the wealth of the kings was left in the city, ripe for the taking if one could brave the traps, monsters, and magic that protected it.

I spoke to Clare and Windfry, who were both eager to leave and seek wealth. We went to the head of the city council, and demanded to be outfitted with traveling gear and horses. Windfry wanted a pony, and Clare decided that she wanted a blue horse, so he arranged to grant both their wishes. It would be unwise of him to ignore the requests of the Black Dragon Company.

We left Noryn early the next day, and our journey began.

—Wilward Jones

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