Tales of Abados

With Garrus silent, and Lynn collapsed on the floor, the air was too heavy for me to stay. I dropped Eli's hand back in the box and told Lynn I was going to get some air. Garrus padded after me. Things were just about to get worse. On my way out, I saw an artist's rendition of my face on the front page of the local paper, The Abados Almanac. I took a copy, and retreated to a park to read up on this latest complication.

It had to be the Jester's handiwork. The article was a surprisingly detailed account of all the events that had happened since I left Rozaria. It was done in paparazzi style - unveiling the shocking truth, that I was the son that my family had kept in secret all this time. An abomination on my lineage. They made it look as though I had been the one who had killed Alex. Morgrym's body had been delivered to the capital recently, apparently, and had been charred to a crisp. They stated that I was a terrorist, and responsible for all of it. From my father's death to the fire at the docks. The article continued on the next page, where there was a sketch of a charred and crucified corpse hung in a park in Rozaria. It was Eli, and he was missing his left hand. Apparently he had been hung up with a note from me, declaring open war on the emperor.

I couldn't take it. My tattoos started to burn. Before I knew it, the paper in my hands had gone up in flames, and I was attracting unwanted attention. I had to go.

Garrus and I found a secluded Alleyway, and he talked me down. I would need to decide on my next course of action. I stole a baggy hat and covered my face for the time being, and checked out of our hotel. We didn't have much time before the city would be up in arms, alerted to our presence.

I headed back to the library, but Lynn was nowhere to be found. I asked the head librarian if he had seen her leave, but he didn't give me a great deal of help. Without leads, I decided it was time to confront my old teacher, master Arabor. I headed to City Hall, where he ruled, and began a heated argument with the receptionist. She was, understandably, distrustful of a man who wouldn't show his face. I told her to relay to my master that "Coalbrains" wished to see him. That was what he called me during our lectures. Surely he would remember.

He wouldn't have to. I was shoved out of the way by a couple of disconcertingly polite armored men. At first I was incensed, but when I saw the sigil they wore - the symbol of the Black Rose, the emperor's death commandos - I backed off. One of them cast me a glance, and my disguise wasn't nearly enough to fool him. He addressed me as Matau, and from then on, all hell broke loose.

The alarm was pulled, and all the doors and windows slammed shut. The second armored man drew his sword, but a wizard instantly encased him in an icy prison. We were told to stand down, and enter the throne room. Master Arabor would see us now.

We were ushered in, and I saw my old master, sitting on the steps of the throne, as he was no longer the arch mage and did not bear claim to the throne itself. He rose, and studied us. The room was tense.

Todd was the name of the Black Rose commando, and something was off about him. He didn't seem their usual sort. He was polite, utterly clueless, and almost innocent. This proved not to be a facade when Master Arabor interrogated him. I came clean, and told the room what my intentions were. I sought Arabor's help in overthrowing my sister. I told him of my campaign for peace.

He was just as berating as ever, but he seemed to be impressed by how far I've come. He made me swear that I would bring my sister down, that I would support him, and that I would not fail where the rest of my family had. I bit the bullet, and accepted these terms.

Todd, realizing that we had just conspired against the throne, realized his predicament. We gave him the option of leaving freely - though the empire would brand him a traitor for not executing me - or he could swear fealty to me, and work to further our mutual goals. After a brief prayer, the Paladin took a knee, and said the oath. He was now in my service.

Arabor informed us that the Black Rose was the least of our worries - an assassin by the name of The Hunter was after us. The palace was the safest place for us to sleep, so rooms were made up for Todd, Iroh, Lynn, and I. Now Todd and I would need to find them. Arabor told us the location of my cousin's grave, and bid us good luck.

We found Iroh there, knelt beside his son's grave, burning incense and washing the headstone. His eyes were bloodshot, but he was the same kindly spirit that I knew so well. We filled him in on the situation, and he told us something curious. Lynn had indeed come to visit him, and had paid respects to his son, but had promptly left. With a kiss on the cheek, she had whispered that she would be saying goodbye soon.

I didn't know what this was about, but I wasn't about to let Lynn leave on her own. Todd and I picked up her trail as fast as we could. We learned that she had procured a horse, and ridden to the front gates. I argued with the guards, who were tight lipped about who had passed by, but I was interrupted by Alex Armstrong. He believed in my innocence, and had been filled in by Arabor. He told me that Lynn couldn't possibly have escaped the City, that he would search for her, and that it was critical I get back to the safety of the palace before night truly fell, and the hunter began his chase.

I agreed, and left for the palace, but as soon as we were out of sight, Todd and I began looking around for Lynn. I sent Garrus off to look as well, but the lout didn't find anything remotely useful. He simply got into a brawl with the neighborhood cats. Finally, as Todd and I were scouring the streets from the rooftops, we saw a bright blue flash emanate from a far off building. I sprinted across the rooftops, towards the source of the disturbance, and hoped Lynn was okay.

She was unharmed, but far from okay. As I ran towards the source, I saw her make her way towards me. She stopped on an opposite rooftop, her eyes were a malicious shade of lavender, the likes of which I'd never seen before. When she spoke, she spoke with a hundred voices at once.

"Ing'um. The flame that destroys. I will extinguish you."

A clap of thunder marked the start of our strife, and I was plunged into a fight that I could see no reason for. Did she not know? Had she just figured out my lineage? Had that awakened some sort of fire in her past lives?

I had a feeling I was about to find out.

—Matau Ing'um

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