Morrigan? More like Morri-gone.

Dear Diary,

We quickly looted the bodies, found some good gear, and were interrupted when we noticed the branches overhead had all been covered in crows. We were about to make a break for it, when one of them spoke and a condescending feminine voice. It cooed and congratulated us on righting the ley lines, and then invited us to the lake near the heart of the forest for a nice little meet-and-greet. It was Morrigan, the druid in charge of the whole operation. She bid us farewell, and told us her servants would be coming in to help us along.

We vacated the standing stone clearing when a few shambling mounds showed up, and took to the treetops. Our next stop seemed clear, we would head to the lake and defeat Morrigan, and maybe finally get some answers.

On our way, we found Erashi. She was beaten and battered, and barely conscious. I gave her a healing potion, and we hoisted her into the trees. She told us what she had been through, and it sounded to be a similar but more intense version of the tribulations that we went through after getting lost.

And then something strange happened - Erashi's voice became echoing and watery, and her eyes rolled into her skull. She said we would be challenged by questions that would define the paths of our lives.

For me, who are you really?
For Barnabus, where do your loyalties lie?
For Scruffy, what do you really know?
For Erashi, where do you go now?

Erashi then fell unconscious. We left her in the crook of the tree, and continued along a game trail to the lake. When we arrived, Scruffy and I took to the treetops, while Barnabus walked calmly to the water's edge. The entire area was covered in spider webs and large upright trees. In the center of the lake was an island with a mighty oak, branches stretching out in all directions. In its trunk, a great throne had been grown. Upon it sat Morrigan herself, the leader of this druidic cult.

Barnabus exchanged words with her while scruffy and I passed overhead. We failed our attempts at stealth, however, and our cover was blown. Morrigan's lackeys, fanatics from the village, jumped out from the underbrush and attacked while the witch herself began to sling spells.

We made short work of her goons, and turned our attention to her. By this point, she had scorched trees, animated the plants, and torn up the landscape - very un-druid if you ask me. But Barnabus was one step ahead. He had already figured out that this woman was not even a druid. She was a sorceress. Something was fishy here.

In any case, we crossed to the island while under fire, and made short work of her spider familiar. We also noticed that Kraster, the leader of the Okolona mage's guild, was bound up behind the tree.

Just when I was about to make the killing blow, the Sorceress turned and blinded me with a spray of colour. When I came to, she was locked in combat with Barnabus and Scruffy. I saw my opening, and advanced, planting a dagger in the weak spot of her neck.

We untied the wizard, and got the full story out of both of them. Apparently Morrigan had ambitions - she wanted to re-arrange the flow of magic and seize control of the very fabric of the weave. She had gone to the Mage's guild, and enlisted the help of a few power-hungry mages. Their job was to keep adventurers away while Morrigan worked. This explained their poorly publicized adventurer auditions, their rigging of the organization to make sure Lance and the Gallants failed at their task, all that stuff. Morrigan was prepared for those poor adventurers, but didn't count on us.

Morrigan herself was charismatic enough to gain a following of fanatic druids, as well as the support of much of the townsfolk. She had uncovered the secret of the ley of the land, and had begun her sick experimentation. But now it didn't matter. When Barnabus had heard enough, he told me to put a blade in each of their necks. Dr. Stab obliges.

We found Ms. Magee getting shitfaced in the local tavern, and along with her and Erashi, who made it out of the forest alright, we got passage to the mainland. Once Magee had heard our story, she told us she would pass the tale onto her network of smugglers. Looks like we wouldn't be unsung heroes after all.

We immediately went to the mage's guild, and called them out. We were quickly surrounded by wizards, and Barnabus explained the situation. A couple of the wizards in league with Morrigan were caught, and the guild paid us our compensation of twelve hundred gold! In the end, it all worked out, and I vowed to keep my mouth shut about the guild's corruption.

I hurried down the road to give Erashi a share of the gold, but she drove her horse to a gallop as soon as she heard me coming. A shame. It looked like me, Barnabus, and Scruffy were on the open road again.

Barnabus wanted to head down to Aetheria to see how his homeland was holding up, and I told him I'd join him - follow him to the ends of the earth even. He's the best friend I'd ever had. Scruffy said maybe he'd follow, maybe he wouldn't. Scruffy don't know.

I requested that we stop in Goothum on the way back home - I had some debts to pay off.


We found an adventurer's convention on the way to Goothum. I… I may have spent a little too much. Maybe we'll skip Goothum this time.

—Dr. Leto Lumos Light

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