Moira Magee: Celebrity Bard

With Tibles and Mersh onboard, we continued onward and before we knew it, we’d arrived at The Shire. Looks like disaster was striking here as well - we saw a column of smoke rising clearly from peregrine’s house as we descended. We disembarked and fought our way on foot, learning quickly that Peregrine’s home was under siege by the Bishkan outlanders. Looks like they were after all members of The Tiki Company. We had a lot of questions, but for the moment, we needed to fight.
We felled the monstrous men without too much of a hassle, and Peregrine managed to get Bonnie and Belkar out of his house, but there was one missing piece - Doug was still trapped inside! I watched the halfling dive inside, and come out just moments before the entirety of his halfling hole collapsed. Peregrine was devastated.
Meanwhile, Tibles and Mersh had managed to capture one of the Bishkan outlanders for questioning. Peregrine enlisted the community’s help, requesting them to dig out what treasures got buried in his collapsed house, promising a share to all who helped. We ascended, with little time to spare. Next stop: Goothum. We would be dropping off Peregrine’s wife and son, as well as picking up our Bard, Moira.
On the way, we attempted interrogation on the man we captured. He was tight-lipped, and told us very little, even after Peregrine performed an impromptu and morally questionable amputation. Even after Tibles identified and dispelled the scrying anchor that was present in his spine. The man only told us that he had been hired to kill Peregrine, and knew little more. He didn’t know anything about the darkness, or the plague.
Just when we were starting to calm him down and get him to see reason, he was stopped dead. A heart attack with a swift onset took his life, and he died abruptly. It wasn’t natural, that’s for damn sure. We had no option but to dump the body overboard.
We touched the boat down outside Goothum, and hastily made our entrance. Peregrine went to find a place for Bonnie and Belkar, and we went to track down Moira. It didn’t take long - she was, at that moment, performing at the concert hall. Royalty was in attendance, but we were able to use our sway to get in. Actually it’s probably more likely that Moira just put us on the VIP list.
Anyways, Tibles and I caught the tail end of her performance. Now, there ain’t much that’ll bring this dragonborn to tears, but that girl’s got a way with words and strings. Tibles got up and left halfway through the final song, and Peregrine entered at the last possible moment. When the guests got up to leave, we headed down backstage to meet our old friend.
We entered to find her being chatted up by a suave looking man with a chiseled jaw, who Peregrine said he saw in the front row, surrounded by women. We greeted him, and he introduced himself as D’arcy. He had a bouquet of flowers for our Bard, but nothing for the rest of us.
We didn’t even get to make proper greetings before I got a tap on the shoulder from an invisible elven wizard. I looked up, and saw that we had been surrounded by more of the cloaked outlanders. We drew our weapons at once, and I handed my Bastard Sword off to our fast friend D’arcy. It was time to see what he could do.
Combat went as we were coming to expect it - a lot of fire, a nearly fallen wizard, and a horde of frighteningly strong cloaked troops. D’arcy’s horde of ladyfriends also poked their heads out to cheer us on. Or just to scream hysterically and throw their bloomers at our new friend. There ain’t much difference in Goothum.
Tibles felled the last one, and we immediately got to work dousing the flames. It was time to make proper introductions with D’arcy. Everyone shares some camaraderie after combat. We’d have to keep it quick though - the North beckons. It’s time to get to the bottom of this.

—Richard J. Buckles

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