I shouldn't have to put up with this. Kept out of my own home, by my own father. I tried to enter the University again today, but, as always, they saw through my disguise. I didn't think they'd check the first years that thoroughly. This time, my father was called down. He personally lectured me, and literally threw me from the University gates. His rejection stung more than the impact.

The door slammed shut behind me, and I was helped to my feet by a passing man. He was grizzled and looked like he'd seen quite a bit of action. Introducing himself as Sir Alexander, he told me that he was in town on military business from the northern islands, and he was a tad lost. We stopped in a local Pub for a bit and a drink, and got to talking about the empire. I directed him to the port, and we parted ways.

That night, I was awoken by dancing lights and screams — the port was ablaze! I did my best to help with the fire, but it was difficult work. Though it was my element, I had very little control over it. Many houses lay in ruin before the blaze was finally put out. I found Sir Alexander again, and asked him what had transpired. He said that the rebels had attacked and stolen a weapon shipment belonging to the Empire.

I accompanied him as he reported to his superior officer. Apparently Alex was a very trusted knight, as he was put in charge of pursuing the rebels who had made off with the armory. I knew this would be my one and only chance to get out of my accursed hometown. Perhaps I'd be of some use to someone out there in the wide world.

I begged and pleaded with them to allow me to accompany my newfound friend, and when I told them I was a wizard from the arcane university, they decided I would be quite helpful. We had no time to lose; Alex and I gathered some meager belongings, and set out on the trail of the weapon shipment. They had a lead on us, but we were unencumbered and could move much faster.

In the early morning, we rode out from Rozaria, and Alex and I began a new chapter in our lives.

-Matau Ing'um

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