"Seems impossible, but that's Dwarven workmanship for ya. Can't go a damned week without them constructing the 23rd great wonder of the world." —Ogden Sadric

Government: Elected Council (Led by Duran Duran)
Defense: Osgard protective forces, Military Police, Local Militias
Commerce: Mining, trading, pretty much anything can be found here.
Inhabitants: Mostly Dwarf, but there are some other races found there.
Dominant worship: Moradin

A sprawling underground metropolis built into a very large mountain, situated in the Gomezian Mountain Belt. Mining operations sprawl out in tunnels underground, and the economy is very strong. It is considered the hometown for all dwarfs. In the past years after an assassination attempt on the ruler, the city has declined into a heavily separated caste system.

That was, until a dwarf by the name of Duran Duran led an uprising, and brought a new form of government to the people. The caste system has all but been abolished, and equal opportunity is once again the status quo.

Notable People
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