Nuri Harbour
"Fish, forests, fighting and philandering — what's not to love?" — Oliver Saltbeard

Government: "Fluid Oligarchy". Wealthy merchant families frequently declare themselves the ruling power, but the residents don't pay much attention to this constantly shifting kaleidoscope of wealth and vanity.

Defense: Nuri Harbour boasts one of the finest militias in Ashan, composed of the present government's paid goons, disgruntled fishwives and civic-minded sailors. Although, these fine citizens rarely agree on what they should be defending against.

Commerce: major businesses include fishing, and trading.

Dominant Worship: Gozreh

Inhabitants: A decided mix, with a healthy helping of halflings, half-elves and other half-breeds. A lot of mingling happens in Nuri Harbour. The residents of Nuri Harbour are generally a carefree bunch, shifting with the tides and following where the trade winds lead.

** Description:**Nuri Harbour is a bustling port city sheltered in the Haedron bay. The warm, open bay and dark, winding streets provide safe haven for sailors, vagabonds and "characters" of all descriptions. A thick forest nestles against its southern edge, gradually giving way to the green rolling hills of the Shire.

Taking advantage of the soft soil, canals penetrate from the port deep into the heart of the city, where they meet in a large lagoon. The lagoon surrounds the prize of Nuri Harbour, an ornate statue of Gozreh. Legend has it that the statue stands upon the opening to a network of secret passages, and some even speculate an interdimensional portal.

Most though, say it's one heck of a beautiful manhole cover.

Notable People
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