Nova Tunga
"Still not sure why the town became a sinkhole. Still not sure what happened to the Copperleg Clan" —Duran Duran

Inhabitants: Orcs, Zombies, Goblins, other creatures
Dominant worship: Gorum

Located in the tundra on Northside Island, Nova Tunga was a small but lucrative mining town, run by a clan of dwarves known as the Copperlegs. Mysteriously, shortly after the arrival of a wizard named Lenkvar, the town fell into a massive sinkhole. Monsters began to crawl out of the depths of the displaced earth, and the town was evacuated. It's been deserted, and taken over by orcs since then.

Due to the abrupt abandonment of the place, it still contains many valuable treasures. Rumor has it that the Lamp of Lore, a key artifact containing a multitude of well-kept secrets, highly sought after by the patrons of the temple of Yolana, lies in the mines of Nova Tunga. This is, of course, in addition to the other treasures that lie within.

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