"The Nation of Culture and People"

Government: Absolute Monarchy (Ruled by Liesel Airalin)
Defense: Royal navy, royal military and The Gilded Swords
Commerce: Mining, precious metals, agriculture, trades, research, and fishing
Inhabitants: The noble family is pure human. The citizens in Lavanda are more so human with some half-elves, elves and halflings in the mix. However, a small refuge number of catfolk.
Dominant worship: Yolanda

Lavanda is a respected nation. It is located below The Trembling Sea, way above Ashen and near Bishk. It has around one billion people residing in it and refuges that have been uncheacked for. Though they get many travelers, traders and diplomats. Lavanda is close to the Bishk empire so the fear of a war is always in the air, but peace has been settled for some months now.

The royal family and the noble folk live mostly in the capital. While most of the citizensd reside there too, they are still all mixed in the rest of the city. The citizens are friendly and well educated. Every year they hold a Holostirian Festival celebrating the birth of Lavanda and the royal family in power.

Lavandas most exports are fishing, research, and military arms and armour.

To the North is the city of hustles, near the huge Hosstlin Drop which is a wide and huge hole, surrounded by cliff sides and waterfalls. A few citizens live there, but its mostly a mining facility. The Trembling Seas rivers goes over this drop and makes a waterfalls that get lashed through caves back into the seas.

To the East is the second huge port city called Terlan. The city expands very far along the cost and hold most of the trades and military ships there.

To the South is Jartlin, Sovern, Ferr which are the less major cities.

The Lavanda Royal Family House can be found West of the capital. It is not marked on any map.

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