Hosstlin Drop
"The sheer drop can kill a man before he hits the ground."

It was written in the old text the creation of the Hosstlin Drop was from a large rock that fell from the sky. During the years of when Lavanda was not called Lavanda but divided between kingdoms. It was faced with drought and lack of water access. It was then when the rock fell and created the deep crater called the Hosstlin Drop. It had created cracks in the the continent that allowed water flow into the crater.

Upon discovery of this miracle of the gods. The crater had showed an access towards gems, diamonds and metals. Resources that were not yet found in the continent. All the lords and warchiefs had meet and argued of who will share the wealth of the is in the hole. King Airalin the Third had argued to unite the kingdoms to one so that all share. The push had almost started a war. When almost all of the kingdoms had united, the war-chief Hosstlin was against the unity. He challanged King Airalin the Third to a duel for the hole. King Airalin the Third had accepted and before they drew swords. King Airalin the Third took the warchief off guard and threw him down the hole. Due to Hosstlin not having a line for his throne, his kingdom was defaulted into joining the unity. Causing an outrage in not following the duel rules.

King Airlin the Third named the hole after the brave war-chief that stood against the plan. It was after a few years he had commented on the subject. "I had no time to argue with the man, my plan was to unite all the kingdoms into one, and he was the wall in the way. So I got it over with quick and simple. He was a brave man to sticking to what he believed so I named the crater after him.." - King Airalin the Third

The Hosstlin Drop was used for collecting metals and mining jewels. Tho the project has been abandoned due to The Great War that had crippled Lavanda's resources, armies and to this day only scavengers roam the crater.

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