Goothum City
"Ahh, the Tin Street markets. That smell? The blood, sweat, and tears of merchants. Also the pickled kobold tongues, I suppose." — Bootman

Government: Monarchy
Defense: The Great Goothum Guard Group; The Vigilante duo Bootman and Ruben
Commerce: Heavily focused on trading and agriculture, though there are many more
economic strong points.
Inhabitants: All races can be found in abundance, save for Tiefling and Dragonborn.

Gootham is considered by many to be the heart of Ashan. It was founded nearly 1000 years ago, and still continues to be a large cultural and economic influence. As the capital of the continent, it is the largest city in Ashan, rivaled only by Ontas, Osgard, and Ravana. The ruling members, King Layton, and Queen Vivian, are well respected and loved by their people.

Of course, a city of such bulk has some dark secrets. Conspiracies, black magic, hoaxes, and debauchery cling to every corner of every building, new or old. Four ruling houses make up the higher nobility, and hold a great deal of the wealth. In the poorer districts, illicit drug trades take place, and gangs roam the streets at night. The town extends deep underground as well, with a intricate catacombs of sewers, church undercrofts, and deep private basements. Any member of the Dwarven population would assert that travel underground is just as easy as above, if you've got a strong arm and a good sense of direction.

Years back, Mersh murdered the King's son, earning him the title "Prince Slayer." To this day, his motives are unclear.

Notable People
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