"It's quiet, and full of well-meaning folks that appreciate good music. I don't care what you pay me, just so long as I've got enough to make do." — Teresa Keynes, when applying for a job with The Tiki Company

Government: Elected town council.
Defense: Local Militia
Commerce: A town that gets its income from pubs, red light districts, inns, and gambling pits.
Inhabitants: Large Human and Halfling population. Not much of any other race.
Dominant Worship: Erastil

As a small crossroads town without many natural resources, Artorshade got most of its income from travelers 'looking for a good time.' This made it the perfect location for Marcellius to start up a Pub. He got to know the locals, and after a couple small investments and incurred debts, The Tiki Pub was born. Slowly, the people that would become The Tiki Company trickled in, looking for work. The Pub became more than just a pit stop, it became a place with character and soul.

This, however, was not to last. It was destroyed in an attack from Lord Dave Paolini, looking to access a hidden necropolis underneath. The Tiki Company gathered all they could and defeated the evil necromancer, and made it a safe and habitable place once more.

Currently, Artorshade is still being rebuilt. Friends and relatives ventured in to pay their respects to the departed, and wayward souls looking for a place to settle down or start up a business are being drawn to the charming little town.

Notable People
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