"You get used to the quiet after a while. It's a saving grace, I reckon." —Kiana Alan

Government: Democratic; Elected Mayor
Defense: Local Sheriff
Commerce: Crossroads town; fishing, weaving, local pubs and inns.
Inhabitants: Inhabitants of varying denominations. Primarily humans and half-elves, with some halflings, gnomes, and a couple dwarves and tieflings.
Dominant worship: Erastil

Almernae is a small village at the intersection between The Goothum River, Arefu, and Qual-khek.
It has around one hundred people residing in it, though they get many travelers. The town is in located in the badlands to the southwest of Goothum, so the weather is hot many days, but foliage grows along the riverbank.

The richer townsfolk live on the west side of the river, while the poorer ones live in small houses on the east side. As a whole, the townspeople are friendly and know each other well. On Fridays, most of the town goes to the church to worship Erastil.

The town lives largely off fishing and farmland, both located at Duck Pond to the North. Duck Pond is actually a lake.

To the South is the Quarry, which has long since been abandoned. It was used to gather the sandstone that the sheriff's office, mayor's office, clinic, and church are made of.

To the west are the badlands, which are exactly what they sound like. They're expansive, and go on for a great distance. They're also mostly barren of natural resources.

Further north is the drop, which is a long plateau-like cliffside. The Gootham River goes over this drop and makes a waterfall.

Kiana Alan runs a Pub in Almernae, called The Dusty Drink.

Town map
Notable People
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