Weapons & Armour

This page contains custom weapons and armor that are usable in the feramorrah campaign setting. I've included reference links to any homebrew

Simple Weapons
Name Class Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Weight Type Other
Throwing Knife Ranged 6 gp 1d3 1d4 x2 30 0.5 lbs Piercing See Text
Exotic Weapons
Name Class Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Weight Type Other
Combat Grappling Hook Two Handed 315 gp 1d3 1d4 x2 see text 1/2 lb. Piercing, Bludgeoning See Text
Katar Light 30 gp 1d4 1d6 18-20/x2 20 5 lbs. P or S Monk

Combat Grappling Hook

The combat grappling hook resembles the simple tool found in most common adventurer's kits. This combat version however has been weighted, balanced, and sharpened to allow it to be thrown at a target, damaging it and potentially dragging it to the ground or ripping weaponry out of its hands. All combat grappling hooks are masterwork, and the price listed here reflects this.

Special: The grappling hook is attached to a strong rope or chain. This rope or chain can be any length, and the length determines the maximum range of the grappling hook. Regardless of this maximum range, the grappling hook's effective range increment is 15 feet, when using it to attack in combat. Because of the extra rope attached to the grappling hook portion, this weapon requires two hands to use.

When the hook is thrown, the attacker must choose to either deal bludgeoning damage or piercing damage. After every attack, the hook must be recalled to the attacker using a swift action, and cannot be used to attack again until it has been recalled.

A combat grappling hook can also be used as a climbing aid, as with a normal grappling hook.

A character who is proficient in the use of a combat grappling hook can recall it as a free action. Additionally, a character who is proficient with a combat grappling hook can use it to make Disarm and Trip maneuver attempts, and can add any enhancement bonus to attacks from the grappling hook to their CMB for these attempts.

On a successful trip attempt, the attacking character can choose not to recall the grappling hook. In this instance, the targeted creature becomes entangled, and must succeed a strength check to break the line (DC is based on the type of material attached to the grappling hook) or an Escape Artist check (DC equal to the Combat Maneuver roll for the initial trip attempt) in order to break free.

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A Katar is a short punching sword. It is used to make swift and quick attacks. It is notable for its horizontal hand grip, which results in the blade of the sword sitting above the user's knuckles. Because of the design of the blades and how they are unique way to fight they complement a monk’s combat style.
Sources: http://pathfinderdb.com/character-options/weapons-a-armor/889-katar

Throwing Knife

A knife similar to a dagger in appearance that can be thrown much farther.
Special: If a throwing knife is used for melee combat, the attacker takes a -2 penalty to attack.

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