Rainbow Dagger Set
7 Daggers, 7 Colours, 7 Effects

Each one of the magic daggers present here (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) has it's own unique ability (rather OP but trust me, this is all the loot you'll ever get).

Red Dagger - +1 Flaming Returning Dagger

Orange Dagger - +1 Keen Returning Dagger

Yellow Dagger - +1 Shock Returning Dagger

Green Dagger - +1 Corrosive Returning Dagger

Blue Dagger - +1 Frost Returning Dagger

Indigo Dagger - +1 Glamered Returning Dagger

Violet Dagger - +1 Vicious Returning Dagger


This set of rainbow daggers was found and collected by one Winfrey Airalin during her travels with the Black Dragon Company. She took great delight in choosing a different dagger to use in each situation, as each blade of the dagger was the same color as its sheathe.

At the end of Winfrey's life, she took her belt of rainbow daggers with her, and, like the others of her company, had their most precious item with them and this set of dagger became lost in history's timeline. They were, at least, until a group calling themselves Her Majesty's Secret Service found and raided their tombs, where a young changeling rogue by name of Corona Vox took the belt from Winfrey's corpse, bringing back the most famous one-liner to have ever been used with a dagger…


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