El Cinturon De Naranjas
The Belt of Oranges

As a move action, the wearer of this magical belt can produce one exquisitely delicious orange. This orange must be consumed within 10 minutes, after which it vanishes. Oranges eaten before the 10 minutes have passed still gain all the benefits of having eaten that orange. (High in Vitamin C!)


Nobody really knows how or when this magical belt came into existence, it just did, and that's all there is to say on the matter.

Originally held by the Black Dragon Company member Allister Taiven after he liberated it from the tomb of his ancestor, he used this belt to further his orange selling business, making a pretty penny at very little expenditure.

When the Black Dragon Company fell, they took the belt. But as all legendary magic items must, this belt traveled through time, waiting for a new owner to come and take up the mantel of "Orange Merchant Tycoon" and after waiting 411 years, it found a new owner in a shifter shaman named Hairy Medvedev, who was currently traveling with Her Majesty's Secret Service.

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