Zecht Tribal
"Don't worry pal, there's no shame in losing to me!"

Born: 1204 (Age 47)
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He spend his childhood as an orphan, and so Zecht had to learn everything on his own, especially how to fight, and because of that, he never received any proper education, leaving his intellect a bit lacking. He prides himself on his strength and quickly used his superior strength and ruthlessness to become a sports star on his tropic island home called Abel Island. He soon found a wife, named Elanor, and had a son named Edward. Because of his new responsibilities to his family, he was forced to retire and spend more time at home.

His son, Edward, was more fortunate than Zecht himself and as such received a full education, using his brain more than his brawn, and because of this, Zecht constantly viewed his son as a weakling and crybaby. Disappointed in his son's strength, Zecht soon developed a drinking problem which led to problems at home and spent more than one night sleeping on the sofa. Fed up with his now boring life, Zecht secretly began training for his great comeback into the sporting world, despite his wife and brother-in-law's refusals. One day when he was training out at sea at the back of the island in a cove no one visited much, he was dragged down into the water by a strange force. He struggled with all his might but could not escape and blacked out after being dragged deeper and deeper into the ocean.

When he awoke, it was on a strange shore, one that he had not seen, and was found by local law enforcements. He explained who he was and where he came from to the officers, but his island home of Abel Island was known to have been destroyed by a horrific hurricane storm 500 years ago, and has been uninhabited since. His ravings soon led him to be locked in the asylum of Nailo Harbor, where his mind steadily became more crazed as his wish to return to his home and his family were denied. After 3 months in the asylum, Zecht finally escaped, brutally injuring several of the guards in the process, and escaped and found sanctuary in Winterhaven, where he nursed his physical and mental wounds. He told his story to the local wizard, Valthrun, whom told Zecht that in order to find a way home, he will need the help of a powerful arcanic user, one more powerful than himself. Zecht understood, and began his search across Ashen for one who could help him, and sought wizards, sorcerers, bards, and warlocks of all kinds, but all his ventures were fruitless. His determination has not wavered, and he continues his search for a way home.

Now searching the southern half of Ashen, Zecht read from a newspaper he found on the street that the small town of Noryn had recently been taken over by a mysterious group of villains. He decided to try his luck, and within a few days, wandered into Noryn looking for this "Black Dragon Company" only to find their pub in ruins and the company itself gone looking for an ancient city filled with treasure. He learned the group was led by one Wilward Jones, a powerful arcanic user and was accompanied by a murderous Clare Trannyth and Winfrey Airalin, who seemed out of place with the other two.

His searching this time bore some fruit, as he found the Black Dragon Company resting at an oasis in the middle of the dessert, with a new member, a strange looking dog-man thing, he ignored him and was approached by Winfrey, and soon by Wilward himself. He demanded Wilward help and if he would not or could not, direct him to someone who could. Wilward marked a place on Zecht's map with a single name written underneath, Coheed, and Wilward warned him not to seek out this person, Zecht still took the map, and with careful consideration, learned from the pig-headed Clare that another group, calling themselves the Tiki Company, had another powerful wizard within its group.

He takes the information about Coheed with a grain of salt, and will seek him out only if all else fails, and now moves back to the north, towards Goothum, where this Tiki Company is said to make headquarters.

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