Winfrey Airalin
"You know sweetie, it's not a bad thing you have a blade in your heart."

Born: ??? (Age 20)


Born in a family of six sisters. She was the second youngest and was the most adored out of all of them. She had wonderful relations with her sisters except for Nakisha who was adopted in to the family. Of this, she pulled pranks on her. Tho Winfrey was never wise or intelligent, she sat in the library and looked at pictures all day long, sometimes even went outside and played with her sisters in the open field and in the forest. As her childhood passed by and she fell in love with a rich man named William Gump. She had strong feelings for him, but not so much for William. He mostly favored the youngest sister Jenifer. And later on he asked her hand in marriage.

The weeding day came fast and all was prepared, only a few minutes before it started. Winfrey walked into Jenifer's room where she was adding some touches on her dress. She turned around to face Winfrey.
“Listen Winny, I know you told me before that you had feeling for him, but it turned out the other way. He loves me and I love him, and love is strong bunny bear. So no hard feelings sis.” said Jennifer while hugging Winfrey. “No hard feelings at all Jenny.” Said Winfrey as she began to cry a bit.
“Aw, crying before the big event even started…here have a hanker…” Jennifer stopped and looked down to see a kitchen knife stabbed into her stomach. She looked back up facing and looking into the crying eyes of Winfrey. “I am so sorry Jenny.” she said softly while more and more tears began to fall to the hard wood floor. Jenifer fell down shocked by this as blood began to spill out of her mouth. While Winfrey was crying saying “I am sorry, I am sorry” and then knee led down before her and stabbed her again. Continuously as blood began to cover Winfrey's dress and her whole body. She then began to laugh as the classical music was playing outside. The wedding was about to start. She locked the room and left the house without being noticed by anyone. Her mind went insane, she wouldn't stop laughing from the fact that she killed her sister. As the few of the sisters at the party who found jenny dead, were shocked and thought that an intruder was in there house, a murder, who also kidnapped Winfrey in the process. While Winfrey danced around in the near by forest. She then found William, who was sitting by the edge of a high river crying near the cliff.
“So, look who I found.” said Winfrey standing next to William. “I am sorry, but I cant bare finding out that Jennifer is dead, oh poor Jenny.” as William stood up and began to look down the cliff. “Tell everyone that I didn't want this to happen but..”
“You are going to jump, aren’t you William.” said Winfrey, as William turned around and saw Winfrey and her blood cover dress, and her messy hair blowing in the wind.
“Let me give you a hand.” As she pushed William down with a big smile. The scream of him echoed as he hit the rocks below. The water swept his body away. She ran back into the house as a search party was being made to search the around for the person. Winfrey had time to write a letter that she was kidnapped. Got herself some clothing and left the place.

After finding a trade ship, she was welcome aboard. Towards Ashan where her father went for visits. She wanted to get away from what she caused and not let it come back again. She then began to travel and enjoy her life more. She then stopped by a pub to get her self a drink. Sitting in the corner table and drinking, a drunk man came up to her and started hitting on her. Winfrey was being nice to the man but when he slapped her ass she immediately jabbed a dagger into his throat and slammed him down into the table, the force pushed the dagger deeper as he fell down and starting bleeding on the floor. Because of it, Wilward Jones noticed her in the pub and her talents. She was hired into working with The Black Dragon Co & Pub.

She was later introduced to her greatest friends and companions. Alistar, her "Fuzzy" she called him. Clair, her step sister she never got to know. Together with Wilward, she had a whole new family. She has fought with them and been with them to the harsh end of her life. She was taken control by a dark lord, and in the end. Her uncontrolled body was killed by Alistar while she was killing Wilward. Her body lay empty and dead. Her soul came back and helped them defeat Varsuviux. She faded away waving goodbye to Wilward. And now that Wilward is gone from the world too. It is less to say if they are together or not. For their love was to complicated to explain.

R.I.P Princess

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