Wilward Jones
"A copper stolen is still a copper earned."

Born: 1214 (age 37)


Will is a Tiefling who owns a Pub near Noryn. He currently employs two women who help him run the place, Winfrey Airalin and Clare Trannyth. They are not simple residents however; most of the political power belongs to them, even though it is never mentioned on the news.

Wilward himself is a follower of Norgorber, the evil god of greed and wealth. He was the love-child of a noble princess and a roguish Tiefling roaming the land. The princess was exiled for adultery, but Coheed, Wilward's father, escaped and raised the boy as a proper trickster. As he grew, his morals became less sound, and he began to steal, kill, and lie for personal gain. It was more a hobby than a survival tactic for Will, and he enjoyed conning the innocent out of their hard-earned goods. His father is still alive, roaming around Ashan to this day, but Will has lost touch with him.

Wilward prides himself on his appearance. He has slicked back hair, dark red skin, a twisting set of horns, and a pair of menacingly apprehensive yellow eyes. He wears formal clothing when at work, usually a plain shirt with a dark waistcoat and a vibrant red tie.
He has an odd marking on his back, that has been there as long as he can remember.

End of Black Dragon Company Arc I

The Black Dragon Company has emerged from the city of Ha-Mun-Rah as unsung heroes. Their Pub was found destroyed by the archangel Ardeth Vay's minions, so they decided that they would use their newfound wealth to set up shop elsewhere.

They bought a pub called the "Pleasant Voyage" in Nailo Harbor from a kind old man. Immediately they set to work on it for its grand re-opening as the Black Dragon Pub. Champagne was opened that night, in celebration of a lifetime of joy and adventure. Life was good.

End of Black Dragon Company Arc II

After a long-winded series of trials and contracts and manipulation, Wilward and his company finally managed to break free. The Dark Lord Varsuviux fell before the power of the Black Dragon Company, power was seized, and peace restored. It seemed as though the Black Dragon Company was finally free.

Freedom came at a price, however. Winfrey Airalin did not survive their trials. Now with nothing to fight, and nothing to fight for, Wilward lost interest in life, spending most of his time in seclusion until his father, Coheed Jones finally called upon him in another soul binding contract. The company had no choice.

It was under Coheed's command that Wilward finally met his demise, at the hands of The Tiki Company. With little to live for, and a desire to see the world burn, he vowed to fight to his last breath.

But something strange happened in the last moments of his life. A bard, one Moira Magee, faced him to a crescendo of sound. They danced a dance of death, steel, and strife, and for the first time since Winfrey's demise, Wilward found himself remembering what it was to be alive. When he struck the plucky bard down, he immediately reached out to heal; to make sure that her song did not end.

But he had made a vow. His fate was already sealed. The Company struck him down, and with his final dying breaths, he shared a song with the girl.

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