The mighty magician of Winterhaven.

Born: 1135


The mighty wizard who lives in a Tower in Winterhaven, Valthrun is very wise and powerful, having earned the respect of the townsfolk of Winterhaven, and encountered the Tiki Company during their travels through the small town, completing the task set before them by the Goothonium Government.

A great source of information for the Company, Valthrun helps to explain to the Company what perils await them on the road they face, and his powers impressed even Tibles, who was eager for their task to finish so he could apprentice under the mighty wizard.

Sadly, Valthrun met his end in the Goblin Keep of Winterhaven, conjuring all of his power to open the way for the Company, and in doing so, drained all of his life energy. He later appeared in Buck’s vision as a friend that coaxed Buck into signing a Fey Pact, and later vanished in the form of an Eladrin. What role Valthrun may play in the future adventures of the Tiki Company, none can say…

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