Unit 413

Born: 1227
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 270
Alignment: Neutral
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Years after Unit 413 left his birthplace, an group of adventurers stumbled upon the remains of the lab and find pieces of evidence regarding this unit’s early life. It starts with the link below.

The Beginning
Some years after the end of the Yantar war, adventurers were making their way across a country side just outside the old Yantar borders. Skimming along an overgrown path looking for anything of interest they stumble upon a thick metal door that’s been blown ajar revealing a descending tunnel. It is inset into a large, unnaturally rounded hill that has strange rocks and metal jutting out of it, vines and trees now occupy most of the hill shielding the strange place from far-sighted onlookers, only up close do you see what this really is.

It’s an obvious place to go explore, so they do, advancing into the strange building. Metal plating surrounds them as they delve into the facility. As they reach the bottom level. A torch is lit for lighting and what this place is becomes immediately obvious; a military research base.

Dark fibrous materials jut from the walls unnaturally and make lewd attempts in becoming limbs. Crudely shaped arms and hands can be derived from these shapes. In addition, to that anomaly, research papers lie scattered across the floor. Whatever went wrong here happened fast and was extreme. This has never been observed before, it’s almost as though the wall were trying to come alive and grasp whoever was escaping.

A small book is sitting on the ground in front of them, many pages are torn out but a few remain intact.

March 14, 1227

Today I awoke for the first time. The glaring spotlights of an immaculate lab shone upon my weak eyes. Everything was white. Staring up at the ceiling I lay restrained on a lab table. I had faint feeling, the room was cold. I could feel the slow pulse of a life force within me. Was I alive? Yes, off course; any human that has self-consciousness is alive. A muffled voice rung out across the lab space that I was in, I could not understand it. My head refused to turn to see where it might be coming from. The voice sounded again, incoherent mumbles to my ears. A figure moved into my field of view. Matching the lab, it’s coat and mask covered most of it’s body, goggles covered the upper face. It then moved away and shortly after head -splitting screeches ensued. They continued on for years, agonizing years, but not. This screeching was what made me me. After what I learned later was only 5 minutes everything felt clearer. The coldness that had previously surrounded me was gone; the bindings shook lose; my eyes now adjusted to the lab. Everything was so detailed, from each untouched tile in the ceiling to the facets in the lights, I could see it all. Still lying down I shift my left hand, it moves effortlessly. I bring it up into my field of view and a metallic 5 fingered monstrosity greets me. This construct that I thought was my hand, how can it be not of human origin. It softly glinted in the bright light; dark fibrous materials shifted inside a metallic shell as though actuating the ligaments in each of the fingers.

It was then that the voice, now understandable, greeted me, “Good morning Unit 413, I’m glad to see that you can move now”. This voice told me about what I was, a warforged. This cannot be true, I see and feel as a human, how could I be a machine? This was not for me to decide. It went on to describe how I was different than the others, a step towards a greater race of machine. I was the next evolution of machine, I would take control of my abilities and harness them to forward my race. I slowly sat up, all the power in the world surging towards me as though I was destined for something great. My entire body was composed of steel plates covering dark fibrous materials; just like any other warforged. But a few differences were immediately noticeable from my “memory”. For one, the presence of more humanlike features, such as 5 fingers and 5 toes, less bulky limbs with tendons inside. Another immediately obvious modification was modularity of components, it appears that I can easily swap components form ones of my project and of older, more mass produced warforged.

A brief orientation was provided as I got acquainted with my body. I was part of a project code named “Wraith” and my purpose was to infiltrate and assassinate high-ranking military leaders. My consciousness was also not bound to loyalty with one side of a war, but instead it was believed that I would choose the right side in the war.

After that I was escorted to an empty room with nothing but a desk, journal, and stationary which leads to this point.

March 15, 1227

She spoke to me last night during my resting period, a voice that echoed in the back of my mind. She’s another machine, but unlike me she was confined to a small box for containment and fear. She was my predecessor in the project and was more advanced, she showed so many similarities with humans that she was contained and stored in case of an emergency that would require her.

The day today was filled with calibration and testing of equipment. For being 270lbs this body is surprisingly agile while remaining powerful. It appears that I am confined to a specific wing of the research facility as I inquired as to why I couldn’t enter a specific set of labs to observe other experiments and the subject was changed very quickly. The men in white coats are hiding something.

March 23, 1227

I received an upgrade today. Darkened metallic plates replaced my now dented steel ones, a received a new left forearm that contained an integrated hand crossbow, it even has the ability to generate bolts on demand. Another interesting thing that was modified was my eyes, I can now toggle the ability to cast light into the darkness allowing for greater scouting prowess. Lastly, I received a sword, one that echoes with power from my forefathers, although only a shard it will be useful with aiding the advancement of my status.

This will be the last journal entry for a while since I am to be put through rigorous combat training in order to outlast opponents.

This book appeared to have belonged to one of the warforged prototypes that was made at this facility. It also makes mention of either hallucinations or telepathy of another construct that was developed here in parallel.

Advancing down the corridor, all the glass in testing chambers appears to be smashed into the hallway, suggesting that it was broken from the inside. This place would have been immaculate except for years of neglect and whatever happened at the point in time when shit hit the fan. Further advancing sees that the strange fibres are following someone or something out of a room.

Dusting off the faceplate reveals that name: “Dr. Spencer; Head researcher”. It appears to be the office of the man in charge. Slowly opening the heavy door reveals a office furnished with dark wood and bookshelves stacked to the brim. A desk with a large leather chair behind it is situated in the center of the room. One the desk is a piece of the journal from earlier and another document with the Pseudopolan military seal stamped on it. Something is slumped in the chair.

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