Tibles Of The Blue Leaf Clan
"To truly be able to live in this world one must experience it, its people, its places, its good, and even its evils…"

Born: 1106 (Age 145)

Early Life & The Blue Leaf Clan

For as long as Tibles can remember, he has studied magic. Born into the Blue Leaf Clan in the village Eruyt, one of the five clans that governs the Forest of the Feywild, he has spent every waking day learning the arcane arts. However, his studies were not limited to the workings of magic. By all means, for the first several decades of his life Tibles had researched and learned anything and everything, all under the tutelage of Elder Daimyo.

Under Daimyo’s careful eye, Tibles had memorized history, arcane lore, mythology, philosophy, religion, planes, and even the nobility of the country of Aetheria. Because of his regimen, Tibles never had the time to make friends amongst his peers, which suited him just fine. As far as he was concerned, it was unnecessary. His status as a high elf only made that choice easier as other elves tended to veer away from him. While his kinsmen were born “naturally,” Tibles was born with blue, archanic tattoos identifying him as a high elf and signifying his magical potential.

He was content with his life, though he longed for something more. He quickly became an adept at the basics of practical magic. At the young age of 56 he could perform simple wizard cantrips with ease, and it was only twenty years later that he forged an arcane bond with a falcon given to him by Daimyo. He named the falcon Emrys, and though Tibles did not know it at the time, Emrys would be his companion throughout his life when all others had gone. Yet, despite this, Tibles could never shake the desire to see the world; to experience everything he had read about in his books, both good and evil. It was a simple philosophy, but one that he held to his heart. There is both good and evil in the world, one cannot exist without the other. To truly experience the world one must see both sides of the coin. But whenever he brought the matter up with Daimyo, it would be pushed aside or the subject changed and Tibles would return to his reality of books.

This was Tibles’ life until he finally reached adulthood amongst his elven brethren. Daimyo and the other elders of the Clan had finally revealed what they had been training Tibles for since his birth. He was destined to become the Blue Leaf Clan’s next seer, one chosen every few hundred years to receive prophecies from the aether.

Shellshocked, Tibles returned to his hut, seeking the comfort of his friend and his books. Daimyo visited him, explained what being the Seer would entail. He explained how when Tibles was born, because of his markings, he was separated from his family at birth. Most shocking of all, Daimyo had kept tabs on his family. While Tibles’ parents were killed, he still had a sister, a sister who didn’t know if Tibles was still alive.

Then, Daimyo gave Tibles a choice. He knew that Tibles had longed for freedom, and the thought of his destiny chosen for him made Tibles feel trapped. He was caged. So, Daimyo offered Tibles a chance at freedom. He could either stay and fulfill his destiny, or he could leave and make his own path.

Later that night, Tibles fled him Eruyt. He made his way deep into the Forest of the Feywild, leaving his home, his master, and his destiny, far behind. He would run from his fate, determined to choose his own destiny.

He would run, and he would spend the rest of his life running.

The Journey to Ashen

"With every end there comes a new beginning. We can never go back and forge a new beginning, but we can press forward for an ending. Then, everything begins anew. This is the law of the Blue Leaf Clan." ~ Elder Daimyo

As his travels began, Tibles was first met with the matter of the civil war between the “Resistance” of the Feywild and the Aetherian Empire. If he wanted to escape his destiny, he would have to leave the continent.

Determined, he began the long trek to the nearest port city that would bear him to somewhere, anywhere, that was not Aetheria. Along the way, he ran into a group of travelers that had gotten themselves caught up in the civil war. A young sorcerer, Matau Ing'um, a battle-worn knight from the Nethicite Islands by name of Sir Alexander, and an imperial dwarf, Morgrym Bofur. He would cross paths with this group a few more times before he finally escaped Aetheria on a boat bound to the west. While Tibles did what little he could to help this group in their quest, his sights were focused on his own freedom.

It would not be until later that he wished he had taken the time to help the group. It would not be for years until he wished he did things differently. Instead, he would live with the guilt weighing down on his shoulders, asking himself “what if…” What if he stayed? What if he joined the group in their travels to save Aetheria?

These questions would be left unanswered as Tibles set sail to the west, towards a new sunrise in the country of Ashen. It is there that his story truly begins.

The Tiki Company

"How foolish I was. I had thought myself learned and wise, when all I really did was run. I suppose after all these years I’ve never stopped running."

Upon his arrival in Ashen, Tibles spent many years wandering from coast to coast, exploring the new land and seeing everything it had to offer. The lessons Daimyo taught him he carried close to his heart, and as always Emrys was at his side, his only companion in a lonely world.

He would travel from town to town, listening to the stories of its people, offering whatever help he could. A few short months after his arrival on Ashen, Tibles had grown a reputation as the “Wandering Wizard,” a kind soul from a distant land that walked from place to place, smiting evil wherever he saw it.

The thought would draw a strained laugh from Tibles. He knew he was a coward, an outcast and exile in the guise of an adventurer. Tibles abhorred violence, only resorting to it if all other options had closed. He was scared, he was lost, and he had nowhere to go. Wandering was his only option. He never stopped for fear of his past catching up with him. He would not, could not, look back. And so he continued to run, at least until one day…

His travels had once again brought him to the city of Goothum, a large metropolis at the heart of Ashen. While there, he had the fortuity to encounter a certain rogue who happened to steal Tibles’ belt. This was not any ordinary belt, it was a belt of the Blue Leaf Clan and, despite his abandonment of the clan, was one of the few possessions Tibles had from his previous life. Thus, he chased down the thief, a mysterious rogue named Mersh with an even more mysterious story.

By any right, Tibles should have turned the thief in to the Goothonium guards. Yet, Tibles could see a spark of good in the man before him, and instead offered his hand in friendship. The two became fast friends, and as things worsened in Goothum for Mersh, Tibles insisted that they take their leave. As Mersh bid farewell to his love, Tibles made preparations for their departure.

The road was his home, and soon he found himself once more walking the roads of Ashen, though now with another companion. Soon he and Mersh found themselves in the small town of Artorshade, and were met with a wily cleric by name of Marcellius. With some convincing, Mersh and Tibles agreed to invest in the purchase of a pub in town. They hired a quiet dwarf Duran-Duran and a bard named Teresa Keynes, and soon the Tiki Pub was open for business.

Little did Tibles know that it would not be long before dark forces began to stir in the seemingly peaceful country of Ashen. With the rise of the necromancer Dave Paolini, Tibles and his new friends took up arms and The Tiki Company was born.


"We became more than just friends on the road looking for adventure. Neigh, adventure found us. We became a family, my family."

His adventures with The Tiki Company have taken their tole on Tibles. Through the few years he had been apart of the company, he’s watched old and new friends come and go. As they continued their adventures, Duran-Duran and Marcellius soon left the company, replaced by others, namely Peregrine Toque and Richard J. Buckles, who, along with himself and Mersh, became the core of the company. Others would come and go, but it was these four that overcame every obstacle placed before them. From Paolini to a balor to the monstrous Captain Krogan, they fought with all of their strength.

It was not until Krogan was defeated and the death of their comrade Boris Hans Gruber that the company seemingly disbanded. They all drifted away, until only Tibles was left, hunting the assassin Alexis Machine. Two years later he reformed The Tiki Company as a new threat came to light.

Peregrine and Mersh soon answered his call, joined by the strong and sturdy Albion Halberg and the brave bard Moira Magee. Rejoined and more powerful than ever, The Tiki Company once more set out on a quest to save Albion’s family, defeat Alexis Maching and his master, and unearth a plot that would leave Ashen in ruins.

Their mission complete, The Tiki Company stood victorious over the Black Dragon Company, the very antithesis to themselves, and the infamous Coheed Jones. Though their victory did not come without a cost. With Teresa dead, Mersh behind bars, his entire clan eliminated, and Alexis Machine dead by Tibles’ own hands, Tibles finds himself questioning his judgement. Numb to the world, he has opted to settle down with the company and the return of Buck.

The cold winter winds blow, heralding the arrival of yet another evil that The Tiki Company must with no doubt vanquish.

How much longer can Tibles keep on running?

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