Teresa Keynes
“If there isn’t a diplomatic solution, then the situation is too far-gone.”

Born: 1167 (Age 84, appears 21)
Theme Song


Falling in Love

Teresa met a Tiefling man named Coheed Jones at age 21, and fell in love. He immortalized them both by harnessing the magic of strange hellish entities. It didn't take long for Coheed to become unfaithful, and he ran off with another woman named Erica Entwistle. When Teresa hit age 61, Coheed won her over again, and convinced her to bear his child.

The child was born, but Teresa found that once again she could not stand the company of Coheed. She ran away, still stuck under the curse of eternal life. Her body ached, food did not satisfy, pleasure was difficult to come by, and every day the numbness got worse. She would love to end the life of Coheed, but if she tried, as she has many times in the past, she would be captured, and sent to be tortured before release.

Escaping Coheed

When she was allowed to roam free, Teresa looked for a place to stay. She traveled to Artorshade, and attempted to find a job at the local pub, run by The Tiki Company. She told The Tiki Company that her parents, Alchemists from Gootham, had left for the Alchemist outpost to do research. She refused to go with them, intending to settle somewhere quieter. The Company granted her a job and a private room in the basement. She got along well with the two other barmaid sisters, Datha and Nancy.

Teressa was always gifted in the ways of music and magic, which ultimately lead to her becoming
a Bard. She keeps a set of Chainmail armor and a longsword in her room, due to paranoia of something catastrophic happening.

When Artorshade was destroyed, she was left in a pool of her own blood, until The Tiki Company rescued her. They could not figure out why she hadn't been killed.

After Artorshade

Teresa worked with The Tiki Company to rid the world of Paolini's influence. She grew to dislike Duran and Marcellius for being such pigs, and became frustrated with Peregrine's antics. Tibles and Mersh treated her with courteous detachment, but she still decided to leave.

In her time wandering, she met a girl named Kiana Alan. They became good friends and travel companions, and Teresa took to living with her at her father's Pub, the Dusty Drink.

Two years later, Teresa was contacted by Artemis Entwistle and Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan, asking for a place to hide and plan their next move in their campaign against Alexis Machine. She consulted Kiana, who was in favor of their cause and allowed them to set up in her basement.

The Illusive Man

The campaign against Machine was found to be much more complicated than it seemed. The man who ordered the assassination was none other than Teresa's husband, Coheed Jones. Teresa was, in fact, bound to this man through an immortal bond, and had been for the last 63 years. She had even given birth to a daughter, Kathleen Jones, whom she left in the care of a kindly old couple in Ontas.

The love for Coheed that Teresa had all those years ago was long since gone. She arranged to have the ritual reversed under Coheed's nose, making herself mortal. With the Company's aid, she took her own life, draining Coheed's power. The Tiki Company was able to slay him in this weakened state, and seize the day.

Nobody knows the identity of Teresa's true parents, or the details of her life before Coheed's ritual took effect. She was buried on North Crescent Island, with her tombstone pointed towards Ashan, the continent on which she had happily spent the latter parts of her life.

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