Sir Alexander
"A shield for my people, a sword for my enemy."

Born: 1205 (Age 34)


Born and raised as an orphan. Alex which was short for Alexander, grew up with other abandoned kids, who most were daughters and sons of soldiers and knights. As a tradition, they were trained and taken to military academies. For the Norther Isles, stood for its impressive army and the toughest soldiers. Alex was learning to sail in the harshest waters, as the son of the King was thrown off board by the tides. Alex jumped forth and rescued the young prince. The royal family was grateful. Alex became best friends with the former King Leonidas. He has been a close family protector ever since.

Alex was trained and taught to be a knight. He has fought in three deadly wars. Where had killed and murdered many. Sir Alex had lost many friends and most of all his war buddy, Sir Davon, who was reported dead. Alex lived in peace for a few years, starting an orphanage, for the children that are abundant or left in his care during the wars.

He was ordered by King Leonidas to help ship an armory to Rozaria. As Alex arrived, he was amazed at the building structures and the kind of people that lived in the mainland. Alex began to get lost in the capital as he was bumped in to a young adult who was thrown out of a Wizard School. Introducing himself to Matau Ing'um, and staying at a near by tavern. The port was set on fire and weapon shipment was stolen. Sir Alex teamed up with the young man to track down the shipment. As they meet characters along the way. Alex and Matau begin to gt dragged into a civil war between the rebels and the Empire. As Matau's uncle Ih'ro begins to get dragged as well. The party begins to uncover dark secrets of both sides.

Alex, saving a young elf from a ruined village, and finding her a home. A trail of dead bodies begin to pile behind them. The Jester, the one that has planned this civil war all along, have made him the chess piece in his plan. Alex now worries, about Matou for what side he will choose to support, for Alex has began to getting to know Matou and worries for his life to loose him. As his quest is begin to turn into a life changing opportunity, Alex has no care for the Empire or the Rebellion, his sword lies for King Leonidas.

As his quest had began its end. Alex has lost his closest family King Leonides and his closest friend Matou. King Leonides is dead and Matou only came to the Empire to deliver kisses to his daddy to show he has what it takes to be by his side. Alex couldn't take it and pardoned himself from the meeting with the king. Matou and Ihro caught up with Alex. Trying to let him stay with them, Alex denied and said he would rather go back. As he had lost all hope. He rode off to let this all behind him and try to forget everything that has happend.

Alex died during the battle of the Monastery. Where he saw Matou, for it has felt like for ever for him. When it was only a day that has passed. He was stabbed from the back and into the heart. His life flashed before his eyes as he said his final words to Matou.

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