"My love life is so boring, there is never enough blood or screams to go with it."

Born: 1196 (Age 55)
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger


(Being worked on)

On her journey to Ashen, she had meet two people, who she began to love and adore on her quest.


She is a human. With long black dread lock hair and blue eyes. She is always very beautiful and very cold hearted. She seduces with everyone and even seduces most men for tasks she requires. She has tattoos all over her body, representing her story and her journey, and that she is the first child of Katin. Wearing mostly leather clothing, and carrying around her dead husbands skull and her second lovers as well. Rumors has it that she can speak to their spirits anytime she wants to, and they even speak back.


She last time had cut off Tibles left ear and murdered his companion bird. She is still currently doing tasks for Katin.

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