Peregrine Toque
"Longbottom leaf n' good company's all I need"

Born: 1223 (Age 28)
Theme Song


Peregrine is a Half-ling, and a Half-ling is what he is no doubt, he comes from the humblest, of humble beginnings. He was the son of a tinker ( metal salesman) with aspirations of his own in the sales world. What he wanted more than anything was a full pipe, a caravan full of supplies , and a warm-hearted wench at his side. at the age of 12 he began selling Longbottom leaf the all the boys of the shire. He became an avid salesman, and a quick witted lad with the ladies. Sadly it was a classic case of too much too soon, and Peregine's addiction to weed, mead, opium, and most shiny objects, spun violently out of control. He hit rock bottom when his mother, a long time gardener( and his main supply of drugs), found him in the ditch. He had ruined the cart his father had once used for selling metal, and metal goods in. So Peregrine's mother sobered him up, and gave him the funds to finance a new trailer (obviously with the help of the money he had illegitimately made selling narcotics), and man was is ever and amazing cart. Now Many years later he has gone on quests with the Tiki Co, died accumulated a vast wealth, and found something he never could've imagined, Great friends, but more importantly, TWO wolves!

Curlies Campaign Conclusion! :P

Peregrine has found a new friend MR. R.J Buckles, a Dragonborn, skilled in combat, They have been through many trials and even though "Buck" didn't like Peregrine at the start, he has grown very fond of the half-pint hero. after the loss of his horses….. um eghem wolves, peregrine and the gang bought some new horses and latched them up to his caravan, Roanan the brown horse chosen by peregrine is really really cool and shit, and as our heroes leave the broken town of Winterheaven, they plan to setup their caravans somewhere permanently to use as a base. **_AND THATS WHAT YAH MISSED ON DND SEE YAH NEXT TIME HOES!_—

"it gets you stoned"

The Pipe of Destiny

this pipe gets peregrien sooooooooooo stoned
he has had it since he was a teenager

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