Odin Oakenshield
“Ah may be old, but if there’s one thing I’ll never stop doin’, it’s fighting!”

Born: 1152 (Age 99 - Almost 100!)
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Before the Yantar War, Odin Oakenshield was an executioner in Fort Renwick, and he longed to break free from his sinful life beheading his fellow man and adventure out in the world, but he had not the funds nor the courage to do so. But this all changed when the Yantar War began, and ol' Odin jumped at the chance and with his execution axe in hand, led the charge. Ever vigilant and brave, Odin used his own body as a shield in the Yantar War so that his friends and comrades in the army would remain safe, seeing as they had a family to go back to while he had none.

One day, however, as Odin's troop was returning to headquarters for a long needed rest, they were ambushed by enemy troops, and tired as they were, Odin knew that there was no chance of escape for his allies. Odin thrust himself into battle until he dropped, buying enough time for most of his friends to escape, but he was caught nonetheless, and expected death the moment he lay down his axe. He was surprised to find himself blindfolded and later in enemy territory, in a camp where he and his captured comrades were soon faced with painful interrogation. Day after day Odin sat in that wooden chair soaked with his own blood, and soon, one by one his captured friends were killed off until only he was left. Having abandoned hope for escape, Odin became silent, wanting freedom from his life, until he heard a commotion going on outside, and the sounds of sword on steel, and the screams of battle.

These sounds rejuvenated Odin, and he attempted escape, but his bindings were too strong and he almost fell again to despair's icy grasp, until a young dragonborn by name of Richard J. Buckles appeared in his tent and cut his bindings. Odin smiled as he picked up his old, black, rusted axe and black armor and tasted the free air for the first time in several weeks. Side-by-side with the dragonborn he soon knew as Buck, Odin fought his way to freedom and almost escaped when a nearby explosion caused Odin to once again throw himself in the path of danger to protect his new friend Buckles and a stray piece of shrapnel cut him from his forehead down his left eye and down his cheek.

After that battle, when he had recovered, Odin, now nicknamed "One-Eye", rejoined the fray on Buck's troop and the two grew to be close friends. With the end of the war, Buck and One-Eye said farewell to each other as while Buck looked to Goothum, One-Eye looked to the horizon, eager for his next adventure with a shiny new mordenkrad awarded to him for his services in the army.


One-Eye has continued his adventuring life, jumping from party to party and now, soon to be celebrating his 100th birthday, has arrived in the grand Fey city of Lorien where he has made a new friend in one Lennox Macduff and is preparing to set out on one last adventure before the willful soul regrettably retires from adventuring.




This is the axe Odin has wielded since his executioner days in Pseudopolis. When the Yantar War came, One-Eye decided to make a good use for the cursed weapon whose only use was to behead many a person. He used it well throughout the Yantar War and it still serves him well now in his last days as an adventurer.

It has become black and rusted over the years, stained with his enemies blood but One-Eye refuses to clean it because he says "This is the same axe that used tah chop the heads off people back home in Pseudopolis, and Ah used it back in tha war, and I ain't never gonna clean for cleaning it means forgettin' all that happened in mah life."

The Valiant


The Valiant was the mordenkrad given to Odin as a reward for his services at the end of the Yantar War. One-Eye took hold of the mordenkrad named for his efforts in the war, and with a smile on his face, put in on his back, accompanying his Berserker, and with the Berserker, has served him well throughout Odin's gamboling in the wild.

The Valiant's golden color and shining metalwork make a beautiful contrast with the Berserker's black and rusted appearance and One-Eye plans to one day lay this weapon to rest along with his Berserker when he retires from adventuring.

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