An Elven Ranger who worshipped Orcus

While her history and childhood is a mystery to the Tiki Company, Nirnaran deceived the Tiki Company into pursuing the destruction of the Kobolds and misled them with tales of a Death Cult in league with the Kobolds. As a servant of Kalarlel, she was charged with the destruction of Winterhaven, and the conversion of the townsfolk into an undead legion made with the intent of the destruction of the Tiki Company.

She encounter Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan and Peregrine Toque as they returned to Winterhaven in search of Valthrun, and while she agreed to let them go on their way away from Winterhaven, she eventually led a small group of the undead to destroy the powerful duo. She ultimately met her doom, however, and the hand of Tibles and Peregrine, and with her death the deaths of the people of Winterhaven were avenged.

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