Nakisha Airalin
“Talk all you want, in the end you will run out of words. I am not interested in you.”

Born: ??? (Age 24)


Not knowing her real family, she was found in abandon as a baby in the wilderness, while the Emperor was hunting. He rushed to pick up a beautiful child that was crying in the mist of the leaves. That's how she became part of the royal family.

Bonding herself with the sisters and officially becoming part of their family. Growing up was hard and tough for her. For some of the sisters disliked her for, she was not their actually sister but yet adopted into the family. Getting into fights around Winfrey, Kataline and Jennifer. As she was also taught different then the others.
As time went by she began to get interested in archery. Always in her free time, she would go outside and shoot at the shooting range that she made in the gardens. Using the apples from the tree out back. Her skills then began to grow, as she entered into archery competitions around Lavanda. Her amazing marksmanship raised her name around the Empire. Until she was banned due to her "mother" The Empress. The Empress didn't see her as a child of hers and still a commoner. This knowledge didn't stop her, as she was getting help from her other sister Coraline. Who on the other hand was striving to become a warrior.
Until the news arrived about their father “The Emperor” reported dead after long he was reported missing in Ashan. The sisters held a meeting and decided who will go investigate. Coraline wanted to go but the others refused and selected Nakisha, for she was not part of the bloodline and it didn’t matter if she died along the way or not. Nakisha packed herself for the journey and traveled through the Calver Sea all the way to Ashan.

On her way in the Mountains she stopped by a Monk Palace for the night. The monks greeted her and accepted her in. She took her chance of asking around there. After hearing there was a was child that was raised here and sent to live in Gootham. They suspected he might be of hold the key for he wore the same royal necklace seal as her. After hearing the information. She ran out and rode her way back. After spending a few days trying to figure out where this man could be. She got her satchel stolen in a big crowd in the market. She was then left in a city without money.

Luckily she found a man named Tibles, that knew of the man that she was talking about. He brought her to a church clock tower where a man named Mersh was living. She greeted herself and told him her story and what she was doing here. Without hesitation, he gave her the satchel and apologized after telling his story. She then procceded to stick around him for a while, unless he was hiding something. In the end she started to enjoy Mersh company and began to develop a friendship. While this was happening, she met a half-ling named Bonnie during her market trip. As they both began to talk and got to know each other, Nakisha moved in with her. As some weeks have passed, Nakisha appointed herself to Bonnie as royalty. Bonnie with surprise was most pleased to have a royalty in her home. Their friendship then became a bond. As she Bonnie her second hand.
Sometime has passed and she was enjoying her life in Gootham. Until one unforgettable night. She then walking outside in the middle of the night to catch some air. When she noticed that guards were on high alert and more troops were moving around the city. Of a dark corner she heard her voice, it was Mersh. He was bleeding bad and mummering to her. "I killed him, I couldn't help it." She did the best to calm him but did not seceded. As that was the last she saw of Mersh.

After some years, she came back home finally, with Bonnie as her companion. She met the Tiki Company. Gathering low amounts of info on Mersh from Tibles of his where abouts.


She is a human who keeps her self in shape. Has very dark black hair and blue eyes. She dresses very neat and tidy. She also have very good manners and tends to apologize a lot. She likes to take long walks in the wild and always trains in the morning with her trusty bow. She is a very huge influence in Lavanda for a simple commoner can change his stars.


In the aftermath of the Lavanda-Bishk war, Nakisha returned to Ashan with Bonnie. She went off on her own to look for Mersh, and hasn't been seen since.

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