"The shadows close on me. They are the sheets I sleep in, the comfort in one's mind. A shadow."

Born: 1227 (Age 24)

Early Life

A poorly raised boy in the village of Rindenhelm. Where he had lost his parents due to Orcs. Escaping with little survivors. He was raised the rest of his childhood by monks in the mountains. Later on moving to the big flourishing city of Gootham. He began to enjoy his city life as a messenger boy. The pay was little, so he began to steal and that had made a huge diffrence. As it fill his pockets. He was caught by Luc Beckard, a greedy merchant. Debating to report Mersh, he saw that the kid had talent and gave him shelter. For a price.

Working with Luc Beckard, he had reached the ranks of the Black List, and was wanted with the highest bounty. As he carried out his deeds and contracts for him. Not only was stealing was his brother, but assassination was another cousin of his.

Bucks hammer, Tible's belt, Nakisha's Satchel and Duran Duran’s helm all lead to a great friendship's of his. Mersh tends to not get touchy on the subject of ones feelings towards people. As being a contracted thief. Such feelings may get in the way of work.

Before The Tinker Man

"As the city grows, So does it's shadow."

Finishing his work for Luc. Mersh had his satchel stolen in a crowd. Seeing a gal running away with it, he followed in pursuit. Following her down to the sewers. Close to the Crimson Triods territory. He caught her. Finding out that her name was Mies, who had been hiding in the sewer system of Gootham for shelter. With no family and no home, she turned to thieving. Mersh related to her issues, and decided to give her a home; a church clock tower in the northern quadrant of the city. Also finding her a job as a flower girl and keep her away from thieving.

Moving on to working with the underground king named Pig King and his partner Jaw-half. Mersh competed with the Chalice Brothers for Pig Kings favorite. Helping King Pig with his territory control and the expansion. Stealing from the Olympian Thieves Guild, sabotaging The Lighter Cults facilities and assassinating Cadeus the Tamer the leader of The Crimson Triods.

Becoming Pig Kings favorite. Mersh was back stabbed by his thugs and left in the streets to die. Being found by an old man named Roth. He was brought back to health and returning back to his hiding. Mies was no where to be find but a mechanical toy to be by her beside.

The Tinker Man


Mersh visits Luc to help him find Mies. Instead he found his dead body with another mechanical toy on his desk. He was then introduced to a man named The Tinker Man. The Tinker Man revealed that Pig King has Mies and killed Luc. Blinding Mersh by the actually truth, he prepossess him a plan for revenge and taking down Pig King.

Watching and studying Pig Kings activity. Mersh had looted his house hold and even his local thieves guild. Blaming most of the work on The Chalice Brothers, The Lighters Cult then track them down thinking they were the once who sabotaged their facilities and hanged them high in the city. Mershe's actions pleased The Tinker Man.

Once the Pig King had no more enemies close to him. The Tinker Man and Mersh head with their plan. Killing off Pig King, The Tinker Man crowned himself as the underground king. Mies appears out of the shadows, revealing she was working for The Tinker Man. Escaping the battle with Mies, he was left wounded. With stealth being the only hope against The Tinker Man's army. Getting back to hiding, he was encountered by The Tinker Man. Beaten down by him. Mersh pretended to be dead, which then he struck the Tinker Man in the face, thus revealing his face without his mask. It was the Prince of Ashan.

As The Tinker Man outraged by Mershes foul play. He held him below the clock tower gears. Mies tackled The Tinker Man and sent him down instead. Mersh holding on the ledge was helped by Mies. Saying how sorry she was for betraying him and how she didn't want to loose him. They both noticed The Tinker Man's body was not in the gears. Accepting he was dead, The Tinker Man attacked them both wounded. Slitting Mies throat and going for Mersh. Filled with rage Mersh stabbed him multiple times in the chest. The Tinker Man escaped by blinding Mersh. Having his eyesight back, he looked over at Mies corpse, and promised vengeance.

Dawning of The Prince Slayer


During the final hours of the night. Garrett sneaked into the castle and caught the prince red handed and bleeding from the chest. Slitting his throat, the King had walked in and saw Mersh murder his son. King alerted all his men in the city for the hunt of the assassin. Mersh then sharing his story with Tibbles, had escaped the city.

Mersh now working in a pub started by Tibles, Durran Durran and Terrisa. Mersh realized of how much he left behind and wanted to start all over. Without having good ground, they formed a company of adventures called The Tiki Company. Going of and helping others and stopping evil at its footsteps. Getting famed but also keeping himself in the dark.

These events unfolded fast as the Company went off to solve a problem in Lavanda. Mersh went his way to solve unfinished business. Getting back to Gootham, he stole a blood opal that use to belong to The Lighters Cult. Nearly being spotted, he met Alexis Machine. Machine escaped and Mersh got what he came for.

Returning the opal to them, had risen the news of him. Tavros DeSica had fetched for Mersh and had told him about the debt he owed. Mersh knowing Tavro's sick past and his ways. He agreed to help him and back crossed him by selling the opal to a fence named Jade Serket. He then found out she had given it to Tavros. Mersh restoll and looted Tevros shop and put back the Opal. Trashing Tavros shop and putting Serket in the middle. He left Gootham after incountering Tavros, leaving Serket with no money and the dead body of Tavros. He later met Serket and spared her life, for he knew he had ruined her life.

Returning to Tibles, he helped the Tiki Company track down Machine and stop him.


Mersh was arrested by the Goothams army and taken the smallest cell of the royal prison. There he is currently, locked up in the darkness.

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