Maximus Finch
"Who I am is not important, but what I do is."

Born: ??? (Age ??)
Race: Human


Born as a middle class citizen in Bishk. Maximus spent his early years finding his way around working as a mine worker for his small city. He gained his own labor force and took up engineering sewage facilities and even a small dams. All for the purpose of maintaining his home town in good condition. He was awarded and gratified for his great work and his brilliant mind.

As a few years passed by, Bishk began to change. A new leader, new rules and new treatments. One by one, Maximus witnessed the seals of law being broken upon the land. Mistreating of races, labor rules and slavery. It was during these dark times, he had meet the love of his life, May. Who he was engaged to later on. During the final stretch of the new laws, Maximus had worked hard to maintain everyone to having a job and working on better ways to improve his hometown. It was then he had invented a machine.

He presented the machine to the Academy of Knowledge in Lavanda, but was permitted no pass cause of the high tensions between the two nations. His device was criticized to be a terrorist device or it was made with evil. Maximum's dreams were crushed. His sight of living in Lavanda and being an inventor were taken away, fogged by the rising smoke of anger from both sides. Being spat on by the people he looked up to and kicked onto boat back to Bishk.

Ever since the last visit of his dreams, he became worrisome of his machine. His machine that can maintained electricity flow, that can bring anything lift and even can make things fly. He had no use but to present his machine to the Empire himself. The Prince had accepted his invention in high recommendation. It was then named the "Maximus Engine", and was appointed Chief Engineer of the Empire.

It was that week, his wife has committed suicide due to his attention to his creation. Always tweaking and fixing, and never giving May attention. He had buried her in their old home town near their first water mill they had projected together.

He then had began his new project called "The Titan"


He is a human, very intelligent, and very organized. He is a gentleman with short slick hair. He always wears a suit and keeps himself clean and well mannered. He carries around a pocket watch that plays a tune.


He is a full marked General of Defense and has his own private army. His base of operations are taken place in this masterpiece a fortress that flies, called "The Titan". Encountering the Tiki Company, he had wagered his goal of destroying Ashen from the from the face of Feramorrah.

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