Matau Ing'um
"Be afraid. But do it anyways."

Born: 1221 (Age 18)
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Matau Ing'um was born in Rozaria, the magical and cultural capital of the north. He was the son of the Arch-mage of the Arcane tower there. Due to a long lineage of magic users and esteemed wizards, Matau was born a sorcerer — a blood mage. In a city like Rozaria, where knowledge and hard work are held in high regard, blood magic was a cultural Taboo. Matau was denied entrance to the arcane tower, and his very existence was hidden away from the world, a vain attempt from his father to mask the shame of having fathered a blood mage. His father paid for his room and board in the attic of an elderly couple, Horace and Lillian Knave. In essence, Matau was raised by them.

His blood magic manifested itself at age 8. Playfully running through the great halls of the Arcane tower, he knocked over a brazier, and was showered with red-hot coals. His mother and father feared for his life, but Matau arose from the mess almost completely unscathed. (He was crying because he hit his head.) Blue arcane tattoos had appeared on the tips of his fingers, and would slowly begin to travel up his arms.

Soon after, the boy was sent to live with Horace and Lillian, where he cried and caused problems. Frequently he would sneak away, in an attempt to get back to the arcane tower, and find his father. Matau escaped on a nightly basis, climbing out his window and venturing across the rooftops whenever an opportunity presented itself.

At age 11, all capable boys with sufficient grades receive a letter of acceptance into the Arcane University of Rozaria. Matau studied hard, did well, and on the day of his 11th birthday, waited for the good news. It never came. Blood mages were not accepted within the university.

Thereafter, Matau's grades fell, he lost any motivation he had for schoolwork, and he became reclusive. By this point, his tattoos had spread and were now midway up his arms. He wore linen bandages to cover them, and swore off the practice of blood magic. To him, his tattoos were just another symbol of his abominable heritage, and his father's cold rejection of him.

Still, the boy didn't stop trying. He studied official application policies, put on disguises, tried to bribe mages, and so on, but never managed to secure his entry to the university.

One day, after a particularly uninspired attempt to join the first years, Matau was thrown from the front doors, and told never to come back. He landed at the feet of a grizzled knight who introduced himself as Sir Alexander. Later that night, the port was set ablaze, and Matau seized the opportunity to aid the knight in a special mission from the empire. They were to track down a rebel force that had started the fire and stolen a weapon shipment.

Finally, Matau was able to leave his cursed birthplace. He vowed that he would return only when he had earned his father's respect.

Physical Description

Matau is a young lad, still recovering from his lanky and awkward teen years. He is slight of build, stands at 5'11, and dons a poorly kept mat of black hair. While adventuring, he wears a Haramaki atop a grubby vest and shirt, along with a pair of loose pants and thick-soled leather boots. He keeps his arms wrapped in linen bandages to hide his tattoos, and has more recently started wearing a thick scarf, as his tattoos have begun to spread across his chest. At his hip sits a leather holster for wands, and one for scrolls. He wears a spiked gauntlet over his right hand, and carries his gear in a Handy Haversack.

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