I'm Black!


In his early days Marcellius had his first ever love, Palmela Anderson. After that was a bar tavern owner before the Tiki company. Before that he was a child. He got tunz of poon from being a bartender. Once he got into the Tiki Company he decided to take a break from the drunk chicks and pursued a love interest. Terissa. . But they had concieved a son named Walricus Penicus. He was a strong black lad, who was interested in white women, and as he was exiled from the brotherhood for likeing white women, never to be seen again. After his son Walricus Penicus was exiled he went back to getting poon from his job running The Tiki Company’s tavern. Later Doctors found he had an STI from fucking a whore, which in his drunken state he thought was Terissa. This blew the fuze on all of the events that have happened to this day. She came home one day and saw him with a her. He called her a dumb bitch skank, then she called him a homeless cockmongrol. Terissas
brother "Teressous Maximus, also known by his alias Passafsicticus Bitchicus, swore a vandeta against The Tiki Company after hearing about this marcelius in a drunken rage raped Terissa’s mouth with the help of his monkey. His life goals are to end Teresious Maximus’s life, and take revenge against the Brotherhood for exileing Walricus Penicus.

His other goal is to build a Caddy.

(That’s the backstory he told us anyways.)

Marcellius, now finally realizing that the churches of the world, or at least Ashen, have no respect for him and do not recognize him as a cleric of Erathis, has left the Tiki Company to remain in Winterhaven to help rebuild the destroyed town. He left to redeem himself with nothing but the shirt on his back (literally, the Company took everything before he left) and will wait there for the Company to return so he can rejoin the group.

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