Lou Tenant
"The Lieutenant? Sure, he's a little eccentric but I wouldn't have anyone else as my minister of defense."
-Astraea Allbright

Born: 1630 (Age 34)


The year is +403TTC; the setting is a dusty, trench ridden battle field. A small squad of elite soldiers sit in a crude hovel to shelter from the light brown landscape’s piercing winds. An old wooden table sits in the middle littered with maps and cards, several empty booze bottles lay on the filth ridden floor. The commander of the squad sits in the corner with a weathered map of the area delicately noting down possible battle plans. The sniper, a lieutenant sits beside him occasionally making suggestions. The others are sleeping, sleeping for the last time. The Lt.‘s gun is perched against the wall beside him, it’s polished barrel standing in stark contrast to the other objects in the room, the scope is crudely attached with barn twine. The lanterns flame flickers.

It’s the end of a long drawn war, both sides’ supplies are dwindling and very few battle ready men remain. The final push is about to occur.

A gust of wind blows a thick fog of dirt into the air at the entrance. Shadows move within then abscond. Panic. A strange bottle rolls across the rutted floor, a fuse burning quickly, it’s fiery metallic contents shifting. Panic. Explosion. Death, Death, Death, heavy injury, slight injury. Protected the commander was. The 3 sleeping members are dead, the lieutenant heavily injured.

The able body takes the living and runs. Runs to the medic. Nowhere, nowhere is the medic found. Panic. Blood. Adrenaline. Shifting of personal items, scrolls found. Arcana. Dying body. Living body. Two souls, one container. Blood spills. Casting. Casting. Casting. Wind. Death and Success.

The two now act as one, the Commander and the Lieutenant. Superior combat and leadership abilities combine to form a traveling man to tell tales of that war. Someone with an obscure sense of morality and yet a firmly grasped one. Someone by the title, Bifurcated Bard.

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