Lorelai of the Brookwinds
The wilds will not be tamed, and neither will I.

Born: 1184 (Age 67)
Race: Elf
Class: Witch
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Calistria

Lorelai was the most promising minstrel of the Brookwind Clan, until she tired of singing to squirrels. She began to steal away into the dark parts of the forest to experiment with a strange and wild magic she had found in herself. When the elders finally caught Lorelai at her Witching, she was promptly exiled from the clan, banished upon pain of death.

At first, the young elf was haughtily glad. She left to explore her powers and the wider world, fiercely hoarding her independence. She sought opportunities to exercise her magic, occasionally joining travelling bands of adventurers or crooks, though she formed no loyalties. As the years grew long, however, Lorelai grew bored of these antics. Despite the companionship of her falcon familiar, Nyrn, she was lonely. Many times she wandered the edges of her ancestral forest, hoping for one glance, for a chance of reconciliation. Cut off from her own kind, and unable to find a suitable outlet for her considerable powers, Lorelai fell back on playing at taverns for money. Her long-neglected skills were still serviceable by human standards, and she scraped together enough to get by.

After some years, she settled in Nuri Harbour, playing at the Singing Selkie. The proprietors didn't ask questions, and were grateful for the entertainment. Lorelai often amused herself by seducing soft-headed sailors with her fey music and just a dash of magic, before leaving them alone and confused in the night. It gave her a mean thrill to control someone's fate again, if just for a night.

One evening however, a gorgeous sailor named Donald Magee visited the Selkie. Maybe it was the wine, and maybe it was the loneliness, but the young man's tender face was finally enough to lower Lorelai's stony guard. They passed a night of passion and promises, but in the morning he was gone with the tide.

Aflame with fury, the closeted Witch cursed the rogue sailor with enduring misfortune, and left the Selkie for a hermitage in the forest. She was finished with the vicissitudes of humanity, and — horrifyingly, with child.

In due course she bore a half-elf girl child with bright red hair. She attempted to care for it, but could not bring herself to love the squalling, half-human thing, this manifestation of her shame. When Lorelai could bear it no longer, she brought the child to the Selkie in the middle of the night, labelled only with a slip of paper reading "Magee". The innkeepers were kind; they had taken in outcasts before.

From there, embittered and desperately alone, the wayward Witch rambled aimlessly into the wide, promiseless night.

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