The Dark Lord Varsuviux
“One man to rule them all, one man to find them, One lord to bring them all in and the darkness bind them…”
-The Coming of Varsuviux

Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Diety: Himself
Theme Song


An ancient evil from time immemorial that once plagued the world, bringing kingdom after kingdom under his heel. A powerful sorcerer, who has the power to manipulate others, create illusions of himself, and control beings of darkness. Not much is known of this mysterious enigma, as very little record of him has survived the ages, but what information is known is carefully guarded and only told to those of the highest status and power within the wizard community.

The darkness of Varsuviux was sealed away long ago after 100 years of his reign upon the mortal world by 6 ancient warriors who carried with them the powers of a god (EPIC TIER OH YEAH!). Led by the noble dragonborn strategist and wise eladrin wizard, the group stormed the Dark Lord’s palace, and upon reaching the inner sanctum, defeated the Dark One’s minions and finally confronted Varsuviux. With the combined efforts of the paladin champion, the sly rogue, the unwavering halfling, the virtuous ranger, and their leaders, Varsuviux was finally struck down.

It was only with the aid of the Ancestral Warriors’ opposites, however, the ancient warriors of darkness, that Varsuviux’s soul was sealed. These *ancestral* dark warriors, the cunning bard, the manifest of destruction, the bifurcated shifter, and the naive princess, used all their power to seal Varsuviux away.

Varsuviux’s Return
The seal was broken, after 1000 years, Varsuviux escaped his prison. Lacking a full corporeal body, his work to build up his empire started in the shadows of Ashen. “This will be the first domino to fall… And once Ashen is in my grasp, Lavandra and Bishk will follow, and after them, this mortal world will be mine!”

“Ahh, the Black Dragon Company. Yes… I believe that this ‘Wilward Jones’ and his cohorts will be of use to me… Mmmhahahahaha. Through these insolent fools I shall become whole once more, and I will have my revenge on the descendents of those accursed warriors, starting with the Black Dragon Company…”

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