Kiana Alan
“The forest is more welcoming than any city”

Born: 1226 (age 25)
Theme Song


Kiana lived in a small desert village for the first decade of her life, under the watchful eye of her overprotective parents. Life in the desert is uneventful and lazy. She was part of a family of farmers and pub owners, who, due to the harsh climate, weren’t able to farm much more than a couple species of plants that were fit to thrive in the desert, and were able to provide at least a modest supply of food. The farming methods were simple and repetitive, and Kiana became quite sick of them.
After hitting age 12, she grew a rebellious side. Her parents found it unbearable to live with her constant talk of escape and moving off to see the world. Nevertheless, they endured for another three years, until she hit age 15, when she mustered up the initiative to stow away on a caravan heading to the east. There, she spent time walking around the port cities and learning of the world. She imagined that her parents were worried about her, but had trouble getting into contact with them. She wishes to apologize for the grief she has caused.

After a handful of years traveling the continent, she has found out a great deal more than she was ready for. As a sheltered child, she was unaware of any of the dangers and evils of the outside world,and when she left her village, she unknowingly flung herself headfirst into them. Over time, after being bruised and bloodied, violated and desecrated, surviving by pure luck, she has become a little more emotionally wary, and less trusting, but underneath the thin shield she build for herself, she’s got a warm and excitable personality. She spent more and more time away from port cities, and cities in general as she grew older.

She was mentored by Gustaf Bjorn Lyngstrad at age 16, who finally convinced her to take her life into her own hands and live in the forest by herself. He taught her everything he new about the wilderness. Though she hasn't seen him since, Gustaf remains one of her most trusted friends.

She is largely uneducated, and has problems reading and writing.

Her Return Home

During her travels, she met Teresa Keynes. They quickly became friends. After a while they decided to head back to Kiana's birthplace, the town of Ahrandi. When they got back, the found out that her father had been murdered by an assassin named Alexis Machine and her mother had committed suicide soon after. Devastated, Kiana entered a catatonic state. She grew cold and bitter, and refused to leave the Sand Dune Oasis; the pub that her parents had run. Teresa stayed by her side, and one day received a letter from an old friend, asking for a place to plot his campaign against Alexis Machine. Kiana was satisfied with this news, and allowed The Tiki Company to set up a base of operations in her Pub.

Coheed's Death

With Alexis Machine and Coheed Jones slain at the hands of The Tiki Company, Kiana has finally begun to rebuild her life. She is re-opening her father's Pub with the help of Ogden Sadric and The Tiki Company is always welcome. A memorial for Teresa hangs above the counter for her Pub, The Dusty Drink.

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