Kathleen Jones
"Please do not introduce yourself. Putting a face on my prey will not make my job any easier."

Born: 1228 (Age 23)
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Kathleen Jones was the Yazaka daughter of an elderly Tiefling and his young half-elf trophy wife. Her mother left her father before she was born, and wasn’t able to care for Kathleen by herself. After a few weeks of searching, Kathleen’s mother found her a somewhat suitable home in Ontas, and left her with her new foster parents, an elderly couple named Maria and Jonas Knave. Jonas was a craftsman — a pipe-fitter, and had a somewhat comfortable place in the industrial capital of Ontas.

Maria and Jonas were a great deal more open-minded than most humans. They saw past her gray skin, solid black eyes, and emotionless face; they saw that she did indeed love them as one would love their real parents, and they raised her to be a respectable young woman. They saw her as the daughter that they could never have.

Her father died when she was sixteen, leaving their family with no form of income. Despite her palpable despair, Kathleen never cried. She comforted her mother as best she could, and when she was given the opportunity to make a quick bit of gold, she took it. Before she knew it, she was accepting jobs from faceless men, ordering her to kill and steal. She didn’t enjoy the work, but didn’t let it show. Each night that she came home with a few gold pieces was a night that she saved her and her mother from starvation.

It wasn’t long before Maria caught on. She found bloodstains on Kathleen’s clothes, mysterious notes in her pockets, and, on occasion, weapon-inflicted wounds on her daughter’s body. After nearly a year of dodging around the topic and forcing herself not to ask about her daughter’s work, she finally decided to confront Kathleen about her mysterious night-job.

When Kathleen came home that night, she was panting and out of breath. Church bells were ringing, and guards were searching the streets. Maria began to cry as Kitty told her of her latest exploit; she had just murdered the Despot’s wife by order of an anonymous benefactor. A nearby patrol overheard their conversation and broke into their house, taking both Kathleen and Maria captive.

Locked in the dungeon of the Ontas administrative building, Kathleen and her mother met the Despot of Ontas, a burly man with two swords at his belt. Kathleen attempted an apology, but the man spat in her face and took her out behind the administrative building, ordering two of his guards restrain her. He unsheathed one of his swords, and Kathleen feared she would meet her end, but a business partner of the Despot arrived and called him aside. Grudgingly, he sheathed his sword and walked off to discuss matters of oil digging. When he returned, Kathleen had disarmed the guards and made her escape.

She left Ontas that night out of fear for her own life, leaving her mother behind in the prison. For the first time in the seventeen years that she had walked the earth, Kathleen Jones cried.

If she met that man again, she would most certainly kill him.

The Horned Ghost

Kathleen left Ontas and hasn’t since returned. She believes her mother to be dead, but dares not to return and find out. She continues her work as an assassin, unsure of where now to turn.

She has no emotional ties to anyone in the world, and has decided that this is preferable for her line of work.

All Kitty knows of her blood-family is that she has two older brothers, both Tieflings, and they both bear the same birthmark.The same birthmark that she has, located on her left shoulder She knows neither of their names, nor does she know the names of her father and mother.

The Illusive Man

Kathleen was summoned by a man who revealed himself to be her blood father. He introduced himself as Coheed Jones. After proving their relation, he revealed to her the identities of her two brothers, who were also infernal-blooded Tieflings. Horrified as she was at this discovery, Kathleen was distanced enough that she did not let it bother her. She treated her father's orders as an ordinary job — he did promise her gold, after all.

She was sent after a Dragonborn in the Lavandan empire who went by the name of Richard J Buckles. Her orders were to bring him back dead or alive. Kathleen recognized this name; she had, from behind the scenes, been paid to aid The Tiki Company in their struggles against Captain Krogan and the Bishkan empire. Not wanting to kill the Dragonborn, her hunt turned into a long-winded game of cat and mouse, with her and Buck tangling many times before he was finally driven to exhaustion and captured.

Upon her return, Belgaroth, Coheed's oldest adviser, offered to pay her double what her father was giving her to help The Tiki Company. She was a blade for hire; nothing more. She did as was instructed of her, playing her part in the Company's ultimate victory over her father.

Kathleen was glad of the outcome.

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