Kataline Airalin
"It was written in ink. It was written on paper. The history of all. The history of one."

Born: ??? (Age 30)


Kataline was born as some say a mistake. Too early and too unexpected. The name came of an accident too, for they had no name for her. As they royal family argued, every word of the capital, she would laugh and smile. She was then named Kataline.

Being the second sister, she was never picked on by Liesel. They kept to themselves. While Liesel was taught almost every time of the day for her knowing her place on the throne. Kataline spend her time in the library, and reading the under an apple tree they had in the gardens. The books she read were about runes, architecture, and magic. She had the interest for the lost cities and cave exploring.

When Coraline was born, they welcomed their new sister to the world. As Kataline had an idea for a gift for her sister. She ventured out of her royal home, and traveled to the Hosstlin Drop where she had her incident. She had brought her climbing gear and torches. Keeping her self deep in the caves, she stumbled upon a rune. She had read about them. As she touched it, the cave began to shake and roar. The path back was blocked cause of a collapse, but in the the darkness, shined the rune. A small rock with markings. Kataline picked it up and used it as a light source, but every step she took. Her mind began to grow and she some how had the ability to generate light from her hands and see in the darkness. By this time the Royal family was aware of her disappearance, and had the army try to find her. As Kataline reached the end of the cave into the sewer system of Hustles. She was found and brought home.

She didn't talk and spend time with her other sisters.

After some years have passed, her powers were clear. She had gained the use of being a magic user from the rune. From then on, she has began writing books and research on ancient runes and forgotten places as a way to search into the histories and heritage. She also keeps track of Lavanda's history in her own private library.


She a human who is very slim and pale due to her spending more time in the library writing, but she keeps herself in shape when she goes out to explore. Still being in very dark places such as caves and mines. She had blond hair that has began to turn white due to the lack of sunlight and has dark brow eyes. She is also very mannered and polite, but will be a smart ass when it comes to her subject of expertize. She keeps her rune is placed in a small wooden staff made of her favorite tree she grew up with.


Living in Lavanda, and being the second hand to her sister Liesel. Doesnt keep in contact with her other sisters. She spends her time in her library located in Hustles.

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