Dark servant of Orcus

Born: 1186


While much of this mysterious figure’s past is unknown, Kalarlel is a servant of the great and malevolent Lord Orcus and plotted to release his master and his minions of darkness from the Shadowfell onto the world, bringing about its end. He brought Ogden Sadric under his control. He had several servants as well, Nirnaran and Thomas Keeper.

Throughout his plot to release Orcus from the Shadowfell, he was constantly thwarted by the Tiki Company, and while initially he took no notice they began to cause great interruptions into his plots, and sought their end. With all his attempts to destroy the Tiki Company failed, Kalarlel confronts the Company in the final chamber in the Keep on the Shadowfell, where his plans to summon forth Orcus almost complete. He made his last stand against the Tiki Company in a pool of blood, where at last he fell and his body taken into the portal to the Shadowfell.

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