Gustaf Bjorn Lyngstrad
“French, blonde, rightgeous, holy, we got a recipe for heroic deeds and we’re about to see how it turns out”


Gustaf is a French paladin who is a man of spirituality and nature. He believes that he is destined to uphold the sacred beauty of nature. Using his cunning and brute force he can smash through any enemy and bypass any obstacle he may face.


Gustaf comes for noble beginnings, his father was a jeweler for the king of a distant land. Gustaf never wanted any of that he was disgusted by the greed that ravaged the kingdom forcing them to encroach on lands that were never theirs, so Gustaf swore to himself that he would never again stand by idly while other slaughtered mother earth and her children. as a teen he was part of many rebel groups that went against his tyrannical ruler such as P.E.T.A.M (protection for earth and those avenging Melora) a small rag-tag group that was bent on cool music and nature……..shit. ANYWAYS…. Later he became violent to uphold justice, and has been recruiting new members for his various nature protection groups ever since.

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