"Me Greyer. Me live in forest. Forest I protect. You want be friend?"

Born: 1220 (age 29)
Theme Song


As a newborn baby, Greyer was abandoned by his mother in the Fey. His mother had an affair with a shifter while she was married to a wealthy noble in the city of Goothum. When she became pregnant, she feared that the baby she was carrying was not human, but instead shifter, so, out of her fear, she made arrangements for a group of thugs in the city to take the baby to the northwestern point of Ashen, where an ancient portal to the Feywild lay. On the day of the baby's birth, the mother's fears were realized as her baby was covered in fur, had fangs, and the eyes of a wolf. She knew if her husband found out, then he would leave her as a penniless wench on the streets, so she gave the signal, and the group of thieves kidnapped the young Greyer and took him to the Feywild portal.

There they dropped Greyer in and he was lost in the Paradole Forest of the Fey. A young baby, Greyer had no hope of survival, and the thieves and his mother left him for dead. Despite all odds against him, Greyer was able to survive in the dark forest of the Fey, and soon grew into a tall, strong shifter, who protected the only home he knew, the Paradole Forest. As he came into adolescence, Greyer stumbled out of the forest and discovered the city of Lorien, capital of the Feywild continent Crescendia, and he stole his way into the city and watched as all the people wandered the streets, and soon, by watching them, he learned to speak the common tongue, poorly, but still able to get his point across.

One day, after much preparation, he walked in through the city gates and made himself known, but the people of Lorien resented him as a savage who should never be allowed to walk the streets of society. As a result, he was banished from the city, and, his hopes crushed, returned to his forest home and continued to protect it, helping passersby through the forest if they happened to get lost, but most fled out of fear, as his appearance resembles that of a beast. He continues to practice his english in the hopes that he will one day make a friend in the world, one who will understand and accept him for who he is.

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