Gilder Daccat
"C'mon! Dance for me!

Born: 1221 (Age 30)
Height: 4’2"
Weight: 75 lb.
Alignment: Good
Deity: None


Born into the Daccat family, Gilder was set from birth to succeed his father (Gilderoy James Daccat) as ruler of the Daccat Islands, a small set of islands off the coast of Ashen. His father, a man obsessed with gold and power, turned his attention to acquiring more of it, leaving Gilder to his own devices (his mother died giving birth). Gilder spent much of his childhood wandering the islands to which he would inherit, and after spending time with the townfolk and wandering the streets of the small towns that made up the Daccat Islands, Gilder discovered something his father would never discover locked up in his treasury counting his gold. He discovered that while he and his family lived in luxury, the majority of the townspeople were poor and living in poverty.

Gilder, being far more sympathetic than his father, did everything in his power to help his new found friends by giving them whatever he could steal from his father's hordes. He knew that it was not enough, and that as long as his father remained alive and ruler of the islands conditions would never improve for the inhabitants of the island. Gilder asked why they could not leave, and they said they did not have enough gold to get away and start a life in Ashen, Gilder asked why they would not revolt against his father, and they said he was too powerful and did not want to harm Gilder. Knowing and learning all this, Gilder knew what he must do. He could never kill his father, no matter how much he ignored Gilder, and he could not begin a revolution as the people would kill his father as well. So Gilder decided to wait, and let Death take his father when his time comes.

In the meantime, Gilder spent every waking hour of his life practicing and perfectly the art of the gunslinger, learning how to shoot, how to create bullets, and how to captain a ship. He amassed a following of his closest friends in town, and together they began work training to become a pirate crew, one that could help the people of the Daccat Islands, following in the footsteps of their childhood hero Sparrow Hood (:P). They started small, stealing from Gilderoy's treasury, but that quickly became to risky. After a few years work and petty theft from the higher class, Gilder and his crew obtained a ship, and began their life as pirates of the Ashen sea. Word of the "Blue Rogues" spread quickly as Captain Gilder amassed more wealth and more crew members, and soon became the most feared and respected pirate in the Ashen, Lavandran, and Bishkan seas.

It was still not enough. No matter how often they stole from the Goothonium, Lavandran, and Bishkan ships and no matter how many tombs they raided, conditions were still not improving in the Daccat Isles. However, all of that would change, and it would all change because of one letter…

After 8 years of pirating, Gilder discovered a black envelope addressed to him during one of his raids on a Bishkan military vessel. The envelope contained a letter and a red ring with a manticore emblem in the center. The letter contained detailed instructions as to what Gilder will be required to do, the reward would be the continued survival of the people of the Daccat Isles. In a panic, Gilder quickly returned home to find his father dead, through slit, lying hunched over his desk with the name "Varsuviux" signed on the wall in his father's blood. In his father's hand was a playing card, the 10 of Diamonds, with a strange address written on the back. "The Black Dragon Pub, Nailo Harbour, Ashen." This threat to his home was very real and of no laughing matter, so Gilder, with his crew, set sail for Nailo Harbour in Ashen to seek out the residents of this "Black Dragon Pub."

Upon arrival in Nailo Harbour, Gilder was soon met with the owners of the Black Dragon Pub, the nefarious Black Dragon Company Gilder had heard of in his journeys. Each member of the clan had also received a playing card, each with a different address on it, and each had received a ring with a manticore emblem. With the threat of a deadly poison hanging over them, and the threat of his home hanging over Gilder, the two groups agreed to work together to, for the moment, follow along with this mysterious "Varsuviux."

D&D 4E Stats

Level - 12
HP - 90
Initiative Bonus - +14
Race - Halfling
Class - Gunslinger
Paragon Path - Halfling Scoundrel

Ability Scores
Strength - 9
Constitution - 13
Dexterity - 22
Intelligence - 9
Wisdom - 16
Charisma - 18 (+4/+10)

AC - 27
Fortitude - 21
Reflex - 26
Will - 23

At-Will Powers:
Guarding Eye
Brute Force Shot
Barbed Shot
Encounter Powers:
Run and Gun
Wave of Shrapnel
Make 'em Dance
Sly Offensive
Daily Powers:
Twin Snake Fangs
Jack Daniels Bullet
Alchemical Snare
Blood Bullet
Hammer and Sickle
Utility Powers:
Speed Loader
Duck and Cover!
Bullets to Spare
Problem Solver

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