Franklin O Reilly
"No need ta thank me lass, I'm just an ordinary broom salesman."

Born: 1224 (Age 25)


Franklin grew up in Gootham City in Ashan. When he was a teenager, he had a nasty rebellious streak, which caused much discord with his parents. He moved out and got a job to support himself as soon as he could. Unfortunately, the only place that would hire him was a broom company. It looked as though Franklin would have to swallow his pride and become a door to door broom salesman, or live in poverty. He chose the former, and coped with his loss by becoming an alcoholic.

For five long years, he lived in a closet in the broom company's HQ, and spent his days walking door to door, enduring the verbal abuse of disgruntled customers. One day, a deal went awry. He was in rough shape from drinking the night before, and was selling his brooms in the wealthier area of town. One of his customers, an old lady in expensive clothes, gave him a verbal ribbing, criticizing his clothes, his smell, and most of all, his job. She made sure he knew that he was the lowest of the low.

Angry, and still slightly drunk from the night before, Franklin lost it. He cracked the old lady's skull with a brand new Dutches 2000 model sweep-o-matic, and was almost instantly arrested. He was fired by his broom company, and spent a couple months in the Goothum city jail before being let out on parole due to good behavior.

Instead of turning back to the drink as he was sure he would, Franklin took what little money he had, and haggled his way onto a ship headed for the far-north continent of Ivalice. There, he vowed to start a new life. By the time he got there, he had become catatonic. He was sick of people altogether, and decided that he would live out in the wilderness as a hermit.

Surprisingly, he took to the wilds like a fish to water. After just one year of sleeping under the stars, Franklin had built himself a nice one-room cabin to live in, and found that he had a natural knack for archery and crafting. The only remnant of his previous life is a Dutches 2000 model Sweep-o-matic, which he uses to clean his cabin.

He even got over his rebellious phase and his hatred of people, and began making frequent trips into town to have a drink or buy new hunting equipment. He grew to be well loved by the townsfolk of Whiterun, even if they thought he was a little strange. He still sometimes introduces himself with "My name is Franklin O'Reilly, would you like to buy a broom?" Old habits die hard.


Franklin's cabin was burned down by zealous imperial soldiers who mistook him for a stormcloak rebel. He narrowly escaped execution and has now taken on a life of adventure with his newfound companion Shizune.

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