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Player: Crazy_Tiki
Born: 968 (Age 37)
Race: Human


Erashi was born raised as a slave child. She was bought in the black market by an elderly man who was famed by the title of "King of Masks." He use to be known for his masterful work creating masks and was sawed out by opera stars over the globe. Now he is struggling to keep his art alive but also his own life. So looking for an apprentice, he found Erisha, who he had bought. Erisha became his apprentice.

Erashi had a down drop of having bad vision. This reflected bad to her master. As he tried to get his money back for her, but no deal was struck. This issue developed a long struggle but a respectful relationship between Erashi and her master. They both worked together for a long time, where she had developed his skills in creating masks. Both the art and love for it was now in her hands. As her master had passed away, she inherited his legacy and his skill that was passed on every generation.

Erashi is now a traveling merchant, selling her masks as she goes from city to city. She is a human, and has long black hair. Her eyes are very faded due to her vision.

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