Elvira Etherscroll
"Don't make me get egalitarian on your asses."

Born: ???? (Elven equivalent of early thirties at the time of the "Overly Magical Forest" architect session.)
Race: Elf
Class: Druid
Theme Song


  • Daughter of elven royalty
  • Sister to the Princess in the Tower
  • Cursed by meddling witches to forever be an outcast
  • Also cursed to forever have a retinue of gamboling forest creatures
  • Champion of the People
  • Though that's difficult since she's never really got on with People in general
  • and lives in an unlisted Cabin in the Woods near Yaanov
  • Spends most of her days writing an unpopular revolutionary paper
  • Don't call her missy or mess with her sister
  • Actually don't call her at all she's rather unpleasant
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